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Star Conflict Review

Star Conflict is a 3D combat MMO from Gaijin Entertainment that has elite pilots enjoying epic battles in space in a team vs team multiplayer format (also PVE). The free-to-play game is made by the same team that brought us home War Thunder, a game that in many respects is quite similar apart from being themed around different times and they will be hoping to achieve just as much success with this title. You can read the reviews of War Thunder and World of Tanks here and here.

The idea is to start by selecting one of three different factions to fight for before trying to gain experience and money from battles so that you can upgrade or replace the very basic space ships that you start with.

This is where the game really draws you in because there are a large number of different space ships that can be broken down into categories such as fighters that are quick and nimble to frigates that are slow but very powerful. The ships can have their modules upgraded and can have new weapons brought in to make them even stronger.


On to the Grind

Once a player has completed a fight they will be given experience points and money that can be saved to not only upgrade the modules and weapons already mentioned but to buy completely new and more powerful ships altogether.

As in other similar games, there are different tiers of spaceships that players can grind through but it does take a very long time to get to the very top tiers and will require a lot of playing to be able to cope.

As well as standard battles there are other game modes that players can choose too. These include missions that can be taken on to secure secondary objectives to a co-op mode that is perfect for new players that are looking to pick up the game and all of its aspects.


Graphics and Sound Reviews

This is where the game really stands out but you will have to have a half-decent PC at the very least to support the game requirements. The detail in the spaceships is beautiful and the game runs extremely smoothly. The sound is of a very good standard as well and really helps to immerse you into the space battle environment.



If you like an online game that puts you in control of a fighting machine such as World of Tanks, you will absolutely love Star Conflict because it is pretty much the same thing apart from being in space based edition where you are driving a space ship. The graphics are top-notch and the action gameplay is so addicting that you will find yourself grinding away in delight as you look to unlock your new and shiny spaceship. And also tha players’ community is huge.

If there was a sector left that could be improved, it would have to be the client which does sometimes get a little bit buggy but this is not a major problem for players. Also the PVE mode could be better. Yes, there are pay to win players but if they want to spend real money on the game, let them! You are getting a fantastic game that is free to play, so the game does need to make money from elsewhere to keep running.

Star conflict trailer video

Pros of Star Conflict

  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Very competitive gameplay
  • a big online community

Cons of Star Conflict

  • The client can be a little buggy at times.
  • Pay to win and collecting star gem is ever present

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