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Star Trek: Alien Domain is a free to play browser game that will have fans of the iconic Sci-Fi franchise getting extremely excited. Developed by GameSamba, the MMORPG allows players to follow a new story line that involves them choosing to represent one of two different factions.Those factions are as you would expect either the Federation of Planets or the Klingon, with each race not only battling each other but also that of a new alien species called Species 8472. This species has sucked through a rift and trapped all players of the game into an area called fluidic space.

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The idea of the game is to try and find out as much as possible about this species before trying to get out and make your way home.

Once you begin the game your first task will be that of creating a character and selecting one of those two factions. Once you have finished creating your character of choice you will be shown a quick introduction that explains the story so far.


You are then treated to a tutorial that will show you the basics of many of the games mechanics. This is where you will learn that Star Trek: Alien Domain is a solid mix of being a strategy base building game and one that has elements of being a turned based RPG.

You will notice that many of the features are still locked in the beginning as you will have to earn enough experience and level up before they are unlocked.

You will be thrown into combat quite quickly as it is one of the very first features that you will be shown, which is understandable as it is the most major parts of the game. This combat is done in a turn based format but it is pretty much automated apart from you being able to toggle the different skills on and off.

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Your skill points are used to unlock or upgrade any new skills and these points can be earned whenever you level up in the game.

While the majority of the time you will be following along with the story line, there are also PvP battles that you can engage in too. These could be one on one or in massive battles that your faction is involved in over control of the many bases in the game.

The game also involves quite a lot of base building and upgrading as well as being able to upgrade and purchase new space ships for your fleet. Those ships can also have new and improved weapons fitted to them after you have researched and purchased them.








Star Trek: Alien Domain is an entertaining free to play browser game that will no doubt have fans of the Star Trek franchise, checking it out in their droves. It will definitely not be for everyone but for a game that is free to play, it really is pretty good without being fantastic.

Graphically it is not brilliant but when you consider it has to be played through a browser, you can understand a little bit as to why.

Pros of Star Trek: Alien Domain

  • Nice detail with regards to Star Trek lore.
  • Some unique social features.

Cons of Star Trek: Alien Domain

  • Animations look very bland.
  • Not really much info available to learn the game.

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