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Players that love games in the science fiction genre are going to love Skyforge, the free to play MMORPG from was released in July of last year and it has since then become an extremely popular game indeed. The game fuses a story line of futuristic fantasy and mythology and has at least tried to be different from the many other free to play MMORPG’s that are currently on the market. Some might find the mechanics a little on the wonky side but once you get used to them, you will become immersed into a game that will keep you interested for many months at least.

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As with most games you are first charged with creating your character and in Skyforge there are the usual customization’s options that you would expect. There are some additional customization options that you do not normally find in bog standard MMO’s though, such as being able to choose your characters running stance. One great feature about Skyforge is that you can change how your character looks anytime that you please.


Skyforge, like other free to play games, offers up a pretty weak story line in all fairness and it can get a bit repetitive as you often seem to be fighting the same battles over and over in order to grind some experience.
Rather disappointingly this grind is made all the worse due to a weekly experience cap that slows down everybody’s progress.

This was meant to be designed as a way to stop ‘paying’ players from being able to level off into the distance but while that is a decent idea in some regards, it just hampers everybody whether or not they are paying.

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When you initially start the game, there are just three different classes to choose from but this is increased with a further ten as you progress through the game and level up. The three to begin with are the Cryomancer, Paladin, and Lightbinder and you are able to switch among them whenever you are not in combat. Each of them obviously has their own abilities and advantages which can be upgraded as you progress in the game.

You will quickly learn that each class will be ideal for different situations so make sure you don’t just stick with one the whole time.


The graphics are pretty awesome it has to be said the games animations are very smooth and polished. When you get into battles you will see your character fighting extremely gracefully to the backdrop of some excellent sound effects.

When you enter that first dungeon with your chosen allies, you will quickly realize that the game is challenging. That first dungeon on its own is quite tough to complete and that is just the first of them.








Apart from the obvious pay-to-win elements and a rather clunky interface that takes some getting used to, Skyforge has enough depth and glamor to become a very popular game. In fact it already is due to its stunning graphics, gameplay, and the fact that it is completely free to play.

If you love MMORPG’s, you are certainly not going to be disappointed with Skyforge as it pretty much ticks most of the boxes that many of you will be looking for.

Pros of Skyforge

  • Magnificent sci-fi environments.
  • Variety of PvP options.

Cons of Skyforge

  • Story is weak.
  • Experience cap – weekly.

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