World of Tanks

World of Tanks is the extremely popular massively multiplayer online team based game centered around tank warfare.

It first came about in 2010 after being developed by and is a free to play game that pitches players into teams to take on other teams in frontline battles.

The tanks in question are all from the early to mid 20th century from many nations such as Russia, USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, France and China. Players are able to work their way up through a total of ten tiers through the gaining of experience, with each of these tiers brings better tanks with better offensive and defensive capabilities.

world of tanks world of tanks

There are different tank lines that a player can go down with there being light, medium and heavy tanks along with tank destroyers and self-propelled guns.

There are over 150 tanks that can be unlocked in the game, each with their very own strengths and weaknesses.

Each tank can also be upgraded with better guns, turrets, tracks, engines and radio systems which will deliver and improvement for players on the battlefield.

The game is heavily dependent on team work as you will be put in a team of up to 15 players and will be put up against another team of the same number. The winning team is decided by either killing all of the opposition or by capturing the flag in the oppositions side of the map.

world of tanks world of tanks

You will quickly learn that each tank type has its own specific role to play on the battlefield and if a few of your players are unaware of this it can be the reason why your team ends up as the losers.

Light tanks are usually quick but very weak in terms of armor and firepower which means they are best suited for scouting out the position of the enemies before running back into hiding. Medium tanks are a bit stronger, bit more powerful and can withstand a bit more of a beating. This are usually used to support the heavy tanks from a wide birth. Heavy tanks on the other hand should be on the frontline as they are powerful, heavily armored but very slow in the most part.

Then there are the tank destroyers which are very popular in this game. They have an extremely powerful gun that can take out tanks, can be quite quick but have the disadvantage of having a fixed front turret. These should be used much like snipers from a distance. They have very strong front armor but are very weak on the sides and rear.

Finally we have SPG’s or self-propelled guns which are incredibly weak defensively but have a mortar type cannon that launches into the air in the hope of hitting the opposition. These are usually best kept hidden and right away from the frontline.

world of tanks world of tanks

Tactics play a huge role in this game but so does the in-game currency. The game is free to play but there is the ability to pay for a premium account, buy premium tanks and buy more powerful ammunition.

You will notice that many of the hardcore players will have at least bought a few premium tanks that are much more powerful than the ones that you can get in-game for free. All games need to make money so this is understandable but the game does seem a little on the expensive side. A premium tank could set you back as much as $40 but it would certainly allow you to have far more success on the battlefield.

Pros of World of Tanks

The game is highly addictive and will have you playing for many hours as you try to work your way up the tiers. The strategy aspect will immediately have you hooked and you will quickly learn that going solo will only end with you being killed and your team severely hampered.

The graphics are surprisingly good considering they have tried to allow this game to be played by low end P.C’s. Additionally, the variety and amount of tanks on offer is impressive with each of them having their different strengths and weaknesses.

  • Highly Addictive
  • Heavily Team Based
  • Good Quality Graphics

Cons of World of Tanks

Whilst the game is free you will find it takes a very long time for you to work your way through the tiers and tanks. Many will not mind this but it can end up getting quite boring as you grind away for many hours for little in terms of experience.

Something else that is a regular complaint found on the battlefield is that of the matchmaking system. It seems a little flawed when you are pitched into a team with just one heavy tank and three tank destroyers whilst your opponents have three and five respectively.

Whilst you unlock more maps as you progress through the tiers, it can be annoying that the slow grind means you have to play the same amount of maps over and over. The game could do with a few more maps.

  • Can Be A Long Grind If You Do Not Spend Money
  • Matchmaking Seems A Little Off
  • Can Be a Bit Repetitive With The Same Maps

A must try game

Team Play - 90%
Addictiveness - 88%
Graphics - 92%
Endurance in Time - 73%


Very Good

Taking everything into consideration we do have to say that the pros outweigh the cons. The cons of World of Tanks are more annoying than anything else but the strategy and addictiveness of this game will still see you coming back in spite of them.

User Rating: 4.6 ( 1 votes)

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