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Crossout: Enemy of My Enemy has received a new update. Version number for PC is 0.13.05. This update includes a new brawl, “Sabotage.”

Sabotage is a 3-round, 6-v6 PvP game where one team defends the base while the other team plants and detonates the bomb.

The opposing group must stop the defending team from putting the explosive in either of the bases. The attacking team must be successful and the defending team must destroy the bomb in a short time.

At the beginning of the match, the bomb will be near the attacking team and anyone can grab it. If the carrier is destroyed, the bomb will remain at the point where it was destroyed. It can be taken by another member or the squad.

Once an explosive device is planted, it starts to tick and only one person can defuse the bomb. Attacks can be made by defusing bombs. The other defenders must protect the player.

If the attacking unit fails or defuses the explosive device within the time limit, the defending team is victorious.

The attacking team will win if the bomb explodes successfully or they eliminate all defenders. The attacking team wins even if all the defenders are destroyed by the bomb.

The brawl will take place on a modified version of the Factory map that is specifically designed for PvP.

Specific Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue where the “Blank Cover” hubcap could be slipped into the ST and standard “Buggy wheels.”
  • Numerous texts, descriptions, icons have been improved


  • A new animated video has been added to the season’s theme “Enemy of my enemy”, which can be accessed when you log in to the game
  • Improvements to the physical model for the cannon “ZS-33 Hulk”.
  • Improvements in the visual appearance of “Parser” shotgun
  • Improvements to the model of the “Backend”

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