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Another free to play browser based MMORPG has hit our computer screens and this time it is themed around ninjas and goes by the name of Unlimited Ninja which has been developed by Joyfun. You are tasked with creating your own ninja, recruiting more ninjas; leveling them up through training and turning them into master ninjas as you guide them through their personal adventure.You begin by creating your ninja, which involves deciding just which ninja fighting style you want him to have. There are three choices with Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu all offering their own strengths and weaknesses.


As you progress in the game you are able to unlock other ninjas that become part of your team. Your own ninja and all of those that you unlock can be given weapons and equipment that can further enhance them in battles. That equipment can also be upgraded to become even stronger if you have the money to spend.

Character Roles

Each of your ninjas will have a special role with there being three in total in the game. These are Vanguard, Assaulter and Support, which offer different uses when in battles. The Vanguard role is a good all rounder with good attacking and defensive abilities whilst the Assaulter will be the most powerful and the Support will be able to offer attacks from distance.

You will be unlocking new characters on a frequent basis and will usually have to make a choice between two each time. This can be a difficult decision because there are not only stats to consider but also the weapons that each character can use and the different specialties and techniques that each can unlock.

This all leads to giving you some really tough decisions when you are working out which formation you are going to use in battle and who will make it into your team.



Unlimited Ninja is not really a very difficult game to play, in fact it is quite simple but to be good requires a lot of thought. You literally just point and click most of the time which is a bit disappointing as everything is pretty much automated. Even the fights are automated, meaning you simply set up your team and then watch and hope they have enough about them to secure victory.

The lack of things to do is what may turn people away from this game but they should remember that this is a strategy title rather than action. Despite that, there should be more to do as the game can eventually get very boring.



Unlimited Ninja really could have been so much better; it is a nice idea but has not been put together with the player too much in mind. It would not have taken too much to give the players something more to do in the game as the customization, many characters and skill sets show the makings of a good game.

That being said, it is a strategy game after all and it will attract those that like to be tested. The problem is that it really is not that testing anyway and there are many better strategy games that can be played for free. If you like strategy and love the ninja theme, it might be worth a try, yet if you are neither it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Pros of Unlimited Ninja

• Good customization features.
• Lot of character unlocks.

Cons of Unlimited Ninja

• Too automated.
• Not much to do.

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