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Prison Block from Idle Games is a free to play text based browser game that is similar to games such as Mafia and Mafia Block. Prison Block will have you trying to not only survive your spell behind bars but also profiting from it as well as you try to become the top dog. When you register you will first have to customize your character and make him look as tough as possible. This can include getting tattoos, wearing bandannas, sunglasses, and even having a cigarette sticking out of your mouth. There are quite a lot of different options here but you can get even more if you wish by spending some real money on the game. You can even go under the surgeon’s knife if you so wish!







You start with $15,000 and a clean bill of health in Prison Block and start out in a cell that is just 3×3 and will have to quickly build your muscles up in order to be able to protect yourself from attacks by other players.

The idea of the game is to get stronger, get more money, and become one of the top dogs in the prison. You can join gangs, do hits, get jobs to earn some money and have a bank account to help you protect what you have earned.

Getting Money

This can be done via the legal way of getting a job within the prison which will give you some handy cash, or taking on illegal jobs that will require you to do crimes within the prison. Watch out though because if you get caught there is a very good chance that you will be sent to isolation.

You can also get money by searching the yard which will sometimes cost you energy depending on the prison that you are in. It is recommended that you search the yard as often as possible because you can also find useful items as well as money.

If you have a bit of a gambling streak you can also get money through that method via the many mini-games that are available to play.










Fixing up Your Cell

As you progress through Prison Block you will want to expand your cell, pimp it up a little bit, and even up the security. You can spend a bit of cash to change the cell combo to open your cell and even purchase a stronger locking mechanism.
This is important because if fellow inmates get access to your cell, any items that you have collected could be taken along with any money left in there.

Trading in the Market

Any items that you have found while playing the game can be sold in the market to other players or you can also pick up items that you yourself are looking for. There are two markets in fact, one where you trade with other players and another where you simply go and purchase needed items.

Getting Stronger

You can head to the gym in order to get physically stronger which will allow you to stand a better chance when trying to mug other players or defend yourself from them. Your strength rating in Prison Block will determine who you can attack and mug in the game, so it is extremely important to stay in good shape.

Do not forget that you can also raid other players cells as well, which is a great way to get hold of items and money.


There really is loads to do in Prison Block, an addictive game that can be connected to your Facebook account. Prison Block might only be text based and not have too much in the way of a guide on how to play but once you have learned you will no doubt find it difficult to put down.

Pros of Prison Block

  • Lots of customization options.
  • Can be played on any computer.

Cons of Prison Block

  • Lacks information on how to play.
  • Only text based.

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