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My Free Farm from Upjers, is a free to play simulation browser game in the farming niche that will have you constructing new buildings, purchasing new animals and reaping the rewards of what a successful farm can bring.

Farm games are far from being a new thing, what with the likes of Farmville and Hayday being among the most popular but My Free Farm is proving to be a new challenger to the big guns in the niche.

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The 2D browser based game puts you in charge of your own little farm that will initially consist of practically nothing. You will have to build it up from the ground up and work hard at bringing in the required money to be able to build new structures and generally improve the efficiency of it.

You will first have to start out by setting up a few fields and planting some crops to get some cash flow coming in. You can then concentrate on constructing a few important buildings that will allow you to create other products which you can then trade with other players of the game via the market.


In My Free Farm you become part of a global community of players that are running their own farms, completing tasks, completing orders, and trading among each other. There are a total of 39 levels to advance through with new and improve buildings and farming products becoming available to you as you do.

If you have played farm games before (who hasn’t?), you will quickly understand what it is that you have to do as My Free Farm shares many similarities with other games in this genre. If you have not played this type of game before, there is an in-game guide by the name of Piggy Gordon who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

The game has a total of 36 different plants and a wide range of different animals and buildings that you can use to make in-game money.

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Premium Options

My Free Farm, as the name would suggest, is a free to play game and does not require any real money to be spent. However, it is possible to get a bit of an advantage by buying coins that are alternatively only given out as awards in the game. These coins can then be used to purchase additional items in the game and get ahead of your competition.

The great thing about these features is that they are not game-breaking at all really. Players are generally only concerned about their own farms, so there really is not too much competitiveness required in the game.








My Free Farm is another good farm game that is continuing in the success of the genre that was originally started by other popular games. It might not have anything that has not been done before but if you are looking for a new farm game to get your teeth into, My Free Farm will not let you down.

Graphically it is very good, there is a large community of players, it has plenty of tasks and quests to keep you busy, and is definitely among the most addictive farm games out there.

Pros of My Free Farm

  • Very Addictive.
  • Large community of players.

Cons of My Free Farm

  • Been done many times before.
  • Too many premium options.

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