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If you are a fan of empire building games (let’s face it, there are plenty of them out there), then you might just be interested in Legends of Honor from Goodgame Studios. The medieval themed MMO strategy game was released near the end of 2015 and is already proving to be quite popular due to amassing quite a substantial player base.

The free to play browser game requires you to initially build up your very own castle which begins when a certain Lady Jasmine takes you through a tutorial. This tutorial will help you out with the basics on Legends of Honor but for my liking it just was not comprehensive enough as you are still left to try and figure quite a lot of things out for yourself once it has finished.

Most of you that have already had experience with this type of game will naturally pick it up quite easily. You will have to develop a strong economy based around the three primary resources of wood, stone, and food. This obviously requires the strategic construction of woodcutters, quarries, and farmhouses that can deliver enough of these resources to keep your people happy as well as other buildings that can turn those resources into items such as at sawmills and stone masons.

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As you build up your resources you will start to grow a population that are seeking work and will have to construct homes for your people. The more people you have, the more taxes you earn!

You then have to consider their happiness which will usually be down to the amount of employment available, the amount they have to pay in tax and other factors such as the beauty of the city which will sometimes require you to build decorations etc.

Once you have the core foundations of your economy in place, it will be time to start focusing on the military aspects of your castle. This will include researching and training troops for both the defensive and attacking aspects of your army. Units include various different types including axe-men, swordsmen, cavalry, and archers etc.

Once you have built an army, it will be time to put it into use but this can only be done once you have assigned and customized a hero to the army. As you progress in the game, there is the chance to enlist more heroes as you unlock hero slots.








Legends of Honor allows you to battle the many marauders on the map or even other players castles. Attacking the former will reward you with resources and money but the latter will also award you with honor points that will dictate where you stand on the leaderboard.

Attacking in Legends of Honor is just what you would expect from a game in this genre. All you do is click on what you want to attack and let your troops do the work.

Make sure you leave enough troops back at your castle though as other players will be looking for good chances to attack you as well! You can also build defensive structures such as moats and towers that will help to keep them out.
Once you reach a certain level you are required to choose a faction to join from a choice of three. This could be the Golden Claw, Knights of Ash, or Shadow of Warriors factions and once you have made your choice you will have to work alongside that faction to make it the best one of the three.

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Legends of Honor does not do anything that has not been done before but it does not pretend to either. It is a well developed game that basically provides players with the chance to play a free to play MMO browser game that involves clans and factions.

Graphically it is average but there is enough good gameplay there to keep most people interested. Whether it is enough to compete with the best games in this genre is still to be seen though.

Pros of Legends of Honor

• A decent amount of time management and strategy required.
• A relatively friendly in-game community.
• Is not overly affected by premium features and abilities.

Cons of Legends of Honor

• Tutorial not comprehensive enough.
• The graphics are lacking somewhat.
• Been done many times before.

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