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Coming out of the traps last year was another free-to-play browser game called Felspire! The MMORPG from 37Games transports us to a fantasy world called Eremos, a land that holds the Felspire, a gateway into an unholy underworld. Monsters and man alike are all seeking to get a hold of this Felspire and use it for their own purposes which as you can imagine, means a whole lot of fighting, blood, and death!

This stylish MMORPG is a browser based game that is certainly not lacking in style and is a game that will not require you to sit at your computer for hours on end in order to grind. The game is full of lots of different automation that allows players to get to the more fun stuff a lot more quickly. You can setup the game with different auto-combat and auto-path choices so that you can literally just send your character on his way while you are away from the computer.

felspire2 felspire1






You will literally just have to give your character a quest to do and he will happily get on with it without you having to be present.

As for the characters you can choose from, you will have to pick from a Archer, Mage or Warrior when you first start the game. In the beginning your character will of course be fairly basic but by the time you have managed to get past level 150 (which sounds like it will take a long time but really it doesn’t) you will be able to unlock some rather interesting abilities and specialties for your character.

The Purpose of Auto-Leveling

You might be thinking that it sounds quite boring so far if the leveling is practically done automatically but this is where you would be wrong. There is a point to auto-leveling and it is to get you to the more fun stuff more efficiently.

Felspire3 Felspire4







You can take part in PvP battlegrounds either as a solo act or as a part of a guild with other fellow players or take on daily quests that are handed out. You can also work on customizing your character and showing him off in the world carrying the many collectibles that can be found within the game such as pets and wings.

Felspire is hardly what you would call an original game as there are plenty of them out there that are very similar but it can be very enjoyable nonetheless. This is of course, if you are not too worried about playing against other players that like to use the premium features found in the game. The premium currency is diamonds and it allows players to gain access to VIP permissions. These allow paying players to do more runs in the better dungeons each day and therefore give them a lot more experience as a result.








All in all, Felspire is a good little game that is free to play and will allow players the ability to skip the grind found in other games. It might not be the best title in the genre but it is one that we would suggest deserves at least a try. Be warned though as it can get quite addictive!

Pros of Felspire

  • Plenty of Content
  • Amazingly there is no grinding to have to get through.

Cons of Felspire

  • Automated gameplay.
  • Disappointing over the top pay-to-win elements.

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