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Dark Age Wars from Pixabit, is a free to play browser game that is still going strong since being originally released back in 2008. The city-building strategy game is still able to compete with the more modern titles that seem to be released on a weekly basis and still has hardcore fan-base that swear on the fact that this game tops them all.Dark Age Wars is set in medieval times and you as the player are tasked with building up what starts out as a small medieval town, into a bustling kingdom.

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The game is played through the browser at the official website and players take on the role of young but up and coming squire who has just returned from fighting in the crusades. As this squire, you are charged with managing a small village on a piece of land developing it into a city fortress.

Graphically Dark Age Wars is what you would expect from a city-building game and while they are nothing special, their simplicity allows players with low budget PC’s to play with ease. The sound is actually pretty good though as it really does give off the feeling of being in the medieval age.

Getting Started

To help you get a feel to the game, the is a tutorial that will give you small quests that will teach you how to do some of the more basic actions. They will teach you have to construct new buildings, recruit soldiers to your army, manage the resources that you will have to collect, and how to use the games map.

Players will be rewarded for these small quests which will give them a bit of a boost in the beginning and allow players to start making improvements. Once the quests are completed, you are pretty much left to fend for yourself apart from the odd regular quest from time to time.

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If you have played city-building strategy games before, you will already know what is required of you and how to get into the action quickly as Dark Age Wars shares many similarities. You are meant to concentrate on establishing and improving your city whilst also building up an adequate military presence to enable to you to attack other players and defend your kingdom.

The economy of your city has to be seen as the most important aspect and without it being solid; you are always going to struggle. Running in second place with regards to importance is that of your military. This will be important for being able to attack NPC’s and other players in order to secure resources as loot. There are a number of different units that can be used for your military with the better ones being unlocked after being researched as you level up.

The game server runs for six months and the whole aim is to be the kingdom at the top of the rankings by the time that it closes. Unfortunately, you will never be able to achieve this unless you are going to spend a lot of money on premium options as those that do are always well out in front.

Of course, you can join an alliance that will help your success but it will still be difficult if you come up against an alliance that has many paying players within it.


It might be a little dated now but Dark Age Wars is still an enjoyable MMORPG city building game. Whether it can continue to compete with the newer games in this genre for the foreseeable future is something we will all have to wait and see to find out.

Pros of Dark Age Wars

  • Loads of quests.
  • Free to play.

Cons of Dark Age Wars

  • Pay to win elements.
  • Nothing that is unique.

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