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Brought to us by Webzen, Archlord 2 is a free to play MMORPG that has been set in a fantasy world that contains two factions that are hell bent on destroying each other. The game features some intense player vs player battles that can be insanely huge with as many as 200 players from each side joining in.

The game is set in the fantasy land of Chantra and is basically a pure PvP game that should only be played by people that can give as good as they can take. It does however; take a different approach to similar games that have separate servers for PvP and PvE. Archlord 2 just has the one server but has areas for each of the factions only and then contested areas that are completely PvP.

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This area can only be entered by players that fall below the cap level, making it impossible for higher ranked players to go inside and start bullying those that are ranked far lower than them. This is an interesting idea and one that works well, as nobody likes being farmed by bigger players or killed just for the fun of it.

VIP Options

The VIP or premium options that a free to play game offers can usually be the key reason for a game to succeed or fail. There has to be a good balance between obviously wanted to make money out of the game and not giving too much of an advantage to those that do pay. In this instance it seems that they swayed heavily on giving too much of a leg up to paying players.

There are founder packs that are available right at the start of the game that when bought can provide a vast array of bonuses, essentially giving paying players a huge head start and a lead that they will not lose if they continue to play the game regularly.

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Azuni or Crunn

When you begin the game you will have to choose between two factions and then choose between two different races as well. Azuni and Crunn are the two factions and humans and orcs are the two races available.

The world map provides each faction with four areas that players can build in and there are then four different contested areas that the factions go against each other in. The later areas will each have a cap, with the lowest capped contested area being for levels 5 to 10 players and the highest being for levels 35 to 41.

Along with battling for control of these areas, players can also take part in quests against NPC’s that can reward them with experience and resources. The problem with these quests is that they can be repeated over and over again, which just seems odd at the very least.



The concept of the game is a very good one but it just feels like there is something missing. The PvP action is great but apart from that there is not much else to do in all honesty. The quests are easy and can be repeated without being any harder than the first time and expanding your settlement can be a boring and time consuming experience.

The graphics are decent if not awe-inspiring and it does tend to be a little too grey the majority of the time. Despite this, the game has plenty to offer and should not be discarded without at least giving it a try for yourself.

Pros of Archlord 2

  • Excellent PvP features.
  • Low level protection for new players.
  • Weapon Swapping.

Cons of Archlord 2

  • Vague storyline.
  • Quests can be repeated far too often.

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