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Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have announced that Star Trek Online‘s universe returns with a new version by the name Reflections. Star Trek Online Reflections, will again be free for PC. It will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 4. Star Trek’s civil war is over. The start of the latest MMORPG season. This new level of stability is not going to be long, as a new threat is revealed in the mirror universe with Admiral Leeta’s arrival (also music by Chase Masterson, Star Trek actress).

The game is situated at the backdrop of imminent danger, which leads to a new story. The characters also participate in a new group made up of work enthusiasts, measure defects, as well as comply with the Cross-Combat Miracle of the Gagarine [T6] class in the Mirror Universe.

These are the Star Trek Online Reflections’ characteristics

  • Special Episode: Firewall – Players must visit a federal high-security facility to speak to Admiral Leeta. Assembled or part of a mission for Kuumarke’s main university and ground forces.
  • Workgroup Innovation – With the Reflection, players have instant access to Operation Wolf, a workgroup novelty . Holodeck participants use the Mirror Universe Reader to access secret information. They must also train infiltrating the Spacedock Terrace of the Mirror Universe.
  • Special event on “Reflections”. During your search, you will find water jets that can flip live episodes and participate in groups of work related to the mirror universe to unlock a special Recombination: “universe miroir [K6]].
  • Lobi Boutique: New content for the lower points. To purchase weapons and uniforms from the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks, the jewelers can visit Lobi.
  • Elite Training Bonus. The guides who drive the novelty Elite Training Bonus have a space to accommodate staff preferences, personal chamber properties, and a space to store kit modules.

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