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Star Trek Online Review

Star Trek Online is an online sci-fi MMORPG that features a complete universe with stories from popular TV shows and movies. Explore new worlds and meet a variety of alien species in this game that is based on the Star Trek franchise. Read the full Star Trek Online review, download it and play for free!

Star Trek was created 44 years ago. It is one of the most loved series and has been the inspiration for many films and videos. Star Trek Online was born in 2004 after technology improved and MMOs became more common. Star Trek Online was developed by Perpetual Entertainment in 2004. Cryptic Studios was established in 2008 to support the continued development of Star Trek Online. They are also well-known for Cryptic Studios, City of Heroes and MMORPG Champions Online. Millions of fans can now continue to play the roles they love on big screen.


Thirty years after Star Trek, our galaxy is in a crucial phase. The 30 year old armistice between Federation members and Klingon has been dismantled. Star Trek Online lets you play as either a Federation member, or a Klingon. You can play the role as an officer on a spaceship. To stop the Borg invasion, this must be directed towards the USS Khitomer. You will find that all the officers have been killed and that you now have control and authority over the crew. If you want to pursue the “bad guys”, you can eliminate Federation starships in your path.

Creation of characters

Star Trek Online requires you to choose one of the opposing factions for your first action. This is an important point to remember. Star Trek Online won’t allow you to select this option the first load. You will need to unlock the Klingon race and spend some time playing Federation in order to play this role. Next, choose one of the three classes in the game. The Tactical class is the best at dealing damage but can also take the most hits. Next, pick one of the three classes. The Engineering class does a lot and the Science class heals and improves your team’s character. Enemies can be damaged and you can increase your party’s performance. There are many breeds to choose from. Each breed has its own special abilities. If you are not satisfied with the breeds available, you can create your own.

The last stage of character creation is the appearance. There are many choices for his appearance and body, including his clothes and walking style. Next, select his name. You can also add a short biography if you wish. Star Trek Online gives you many options to create your character.


Star Trek Online allows you to take part in ground and air battles with your starship. Star Trek Online is simple to learn if your have played similar games. To move, jump, and run your character, you can use the WASD keys. Once you have chosen your target, the battle system works by point-and-click. Click on one of the available moves to attack. You can carry everything, from classic phasers to high-tech weapons. You can also freeze actions to organize your strategies.

Due to the unique nature and difficulty of the game, you shouldn’t expect to engage in melee combat. Because of their low skill level and difficulty, ground battles can be boring. The real-time battle system found in science fiction games is better than point and click. You have the ability to change how the game plays and how it feels. To navigate your aircraft, you can also use the WASD keys. You can adjust your speed using the Q and E keys.

Space battles are different from boring ground battles. Space battles require strategy. This can be summarized by the clever handling of the four shields surrounding your starship. Multiple blows can render a shield ineffective and make it more vulnerable to enemy attack.

Space battles are usually of low difficulty. These battles require that you have the minimum skill set. If you lose your space battle or are hurt, you don’t need to die.

User Interface

Star Trek Online’s User Interface is easy to understand. You will find the game map in the upper right corner. The life counter is located in the upper left corner. The chat window is located on the lower right.

The User Interface changes dramatically when you operate a starship. A thumbnail of an aircraft shows the skill bar and position of life counter. This displays the strength of your shields. You can also see the throttle controller, which allows for you to select your navigation speed.


Star Trek Online’s primary method for developing the plot is through the missions that you are given. These missions include reconnaissance in the stellar system and neutralizing enemies in space and on the ground. These missions are not well written and contain spelling mistakes. It is common for the quests to be repeated, which can lead to problems in the game.

After playing as a Federation for a while, you will unlock the Klingon race on Star Trek Online. PvP will dominate your missions as Klingons. This will leave huge gaps in Star Trek Online’s Klingon campaign plot.

If you want to focus more on PvE, then you’ll need to deal the low AI enemies that run for no apparent reason or stand still while they shoot you.

Starship and character evolution

There are many ways to customize your starship or character. By defeating enemies or completing mission objectives, you can earn experience points. If you have enough experience points, you can climb up the ranks. Moving up the ranks will allow you to acquire new skills or purchase new equipment. You can also buy new starships or equip your existing ones.

Star Trek Online, like almost all movie-based online games, isn’t up to its name.

Consider hiring a new crew. You have the option to choose which classes you wish, and can also equip your crew as you wish. Your comrades will be there to support you in battles on the ground. This is very useful when you are involved with large battles.

You can upgrade from a basic starship to any of the three other categories. These include Escorts that can be used to do damage per second (DPS), Cruiser, which can serve as tanks, and Science Vessels that are designed to buffs, debuffs and heals.

Navigation in the Galaxy

Star Trek Online missions take place in the stellar systems of our galaxy. To move between different star systems, transfer to the galactic map. The galaxy is divided into sectors blocks. These are sectors that contain stellar systems. If you are close enough, you can move to these sector.

Although it would seem reasonable to assume such a vast universe exists, it doesn’t. Although it is simple to travel from star system to star system, it won’t be fun. It will not be the same feeling to discover new planets if someone else has visited them.

Star Trek Online is a social gaming platform. Most areas are however incised. Your own crew can also be with you in battles on ground. It is easy to create a team with other players. You can join groups to engage in PvE battles, as well as PvP matches with other players from your race. Another thing you can also do is join WoW guild fleets to trade with other players and get equipment. You can also visit space bases to meet other Captains.


We hoped all bugs discovered during open beta would be fixed in the official release. As we play more, the chances of making mistakes increase. Star Trek Online was released way too soon, according to our opinion.


Star Trek Online graphics are based on the Cryptic Engine. The characters and starships look great, but the real impact is made by the space design. It includes beautiful asteroids and idyllic planets. The destruction of enemy starships was a sight that left us speechless. Although you’ll see a wide range of planets and landscapes, it is not unusual for characters and objects to move in an unpredictable and chaotic manner.


Cryptic Studios offers the familiar sound effects of the series. A soothing soundtrack, but repetitive, will be provided along with pre-made dialogues. Star Trek Online does not have a split between characters. It is present at a very few points and does not add to the moderate narration.

Star Trek Online Review : Epilogue

Star Trek Online was promising many things for the future when it first launched. It turned out that the game doesn’t break any of the movie-based rules. Its simple gameplay and repeated space battles prove that it’s a hasty attempt at quick wins.

Star Trek Online Review : Pros

  • Detailed customization
  • Star Trek’s unique sound effects are accompanied with a beautiful soundtrack
  • The game features beautiful depiction space
  • Space battles of immense magnitude are incredible


  • Missed dialogues
  • Ground battles can be dull
  • Low difficulty
  • Almost non-existent exploration
  • Many bugs
  • Multiple Shipments
  • Bad A.I. For example, the majority of the game can be played in the same way.
  • Numerous loading screens
  • The incomplete Klingon campaign

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