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Empire World War 3 Review

In this game you fight in the distant future with other players for the valuable and rare resource Millennium. It was released in April 2017 as an android game. It came available to play the game on your web browser in March 2018. This game was formally known as Empire Millennium Wars until it was later rebranded as Empire World War 3 in January 2019.

Hopefully, in the real world, we will never see a third global war action. But it is an interesting scenario for computer games. That’s what Goodgame Studios thought too, so, they developed this free online game. In it, you build your base, assemble a huge army and compete against players from all over the world. Your goal is to take control of the valuable resource millennium.

Build, explore and participate in arms racing.

With Goodgame Empire, Goodgame Studios already has a successful big strategy game in the scenario of the middle ages on the market. This game is kind of the science fiction version of it. So you can expect a similar mix of base building and fighting. At first, you are mainly concerned with the former.

In the sci-fi game, you have many construction options. This includes not only buildings that take care of resource production but also military and defense facilities. A solid base is a foundation for your military successin the game, you are on the one hand busy searching the world map for raw material deposits. The focus is on the eponymous material Millennium, which everyone is so keen on. On the other hand, you have to deal with your opponents again and again. Either you intercept their deliveries of raw materials or attack their bases with your army.

Raise a powerful and advanced army and go to battle.

In the development aspect of the game you have a variety of different units at your disposal, which you have to use strategically in the battles. The captured resources not only serve to increase your troops but also to unlock upgrades for the individual units.

The research system offers a lot of leeways and is one of the greatest motivating factors in multiplayer games. In addition to different infantrymen, the game also offers powerful tanks.

But even if the name implies that it is all about fighting, there is still diplomacy and arms racing. You can team up with other players, trade with them, and go to war side by side with them. After all, you are always stronger together than individually.

Game features.

  • MMO strategy game that is action packed and set on Mars.
  • Build a strong game and research the latest technology to get an edge over opponnents.
  • Strategically command an army to loot precious resources and Millennium from enemies.
  • Form alliances with powerful commanders to form a competitive edge.


  • Lots of construction options.
  • Exciting PvP.
  • Proper technology.
  • Accessible in web browsers, Android and iOS.


  • It sometimes takes long to load games.

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