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world war online
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World War Online is an international real-time strategy game developed by the Portuguese company Chilltime. It allows players to control and command armies, work with allies to create Squads (teams of up to 8 players) and engage in conflicts and diplomacy with other players and squads around the world.

The main goal is for Country Squads to conquer World Capitals in Capital Warfare. Also to get points for the Championship Leaderboard. At the end of each Season – which lasts around 3 months – the winners receive in-game rewards for the next Season.


Capital Sieges: In World War Online, players can participate in Squad vs Squad battles attempting to conquer Real-world Capitals. Players control their units on a Real World Map, where they play for their Country to dominate and go for a domination-style victory.

PC Browser: Low system requirements mean that all players can enjoy fast-paced, seat clenching PvP action. 

Strategic PvP Battles: An awesome battle engine allows you to watch your units fighting Live against other online players.

Squads and International Championship: Players can join together with up to 7 other friends and dominate the world in 3 month-long seasons where they can make alliances, betrayals and diplomatic choices on how to achieve victory.

Over 20 different Units to choose from: Players can battle it out with over 20 different units, each having its primary and secondary damage targets, along with their weaknesses and cost variations.

Fight for your country in a Championship played on a real-world map. Conquer countries through epic battles and strategic alliances!

You can play World War Online for free at:

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