Duration: 11/10 00:00 – 11/27 (after weekly maintenance ends)

Servers: All servers

Description: The Hall of Fame has returned! This time there are even more awesome rewards for those who are deemed worthy.


1. Players with 450000+ Battle Rating will receive a special title: God of Balenor

2. Players with 400000+ Battle Rating will receive a special mount:

Name:  inferno dragon.jpg<br /><br />
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Size:  94.7 KB

Inferno Dragon: All Stats +100

3. The No.1 player on each server with the highest Battle Rating Ranking will receive the following:

  • Sengolar Weapon
  • Sengolar Armor
  • Sengolar Headdress
  • Sengolar Wings

Name:  electric sengolar set.jpg<br /><br />
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Size:  82.4 KB

Electric Sengolar Set

4. Other Rewards

  • Players with 350,000+ Battle Rating will receive: King of Balenor, 15,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x300, Vulcan Pack x100 and Soul Seal x200.
  • Players with 300,000+ Battle Rating will receive: Noble of Balenor, 12,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x100, Vulcan Pack x80 and Soul Seal x150.
  • Players with 250,000+ Battle Rating will receive: Knight of Balenor, 8,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x100, Vulcan Pack x50 and Soul Seal x100.

Vulcan Pack contains:

  • Vulcan’s Hammer x1
  • Vulcan’s Stove x3


  1. Battle Ratings increased by buffs using items such as potion/scroll do not count towards the BR calculation; the final BR calculation (with extra BR bonus excluded as mentioned above) is based on the backend real-time data when the event ends.
  2. Rewards will be sent during the November 27th maintenance; each reward can only be redeemed once.
  3. Wartune’s official operation team reserves the right of final explanation for this event.
  4. For any questions about the event please refer to our in-game event explanation or customer service.