Wartime Review

Wartime is an online 2.5D multiplayer base-building simulation with real-time strategy components. The Dark Governor, a warmongering dictatorship, is determined to destroy the world. The threat of war is threatening the world’s peace. Gather your men to meet him on the battlefield. Read the below Wartime review and start playing for free!

A new threat is coming, Commander! The Dark Governor’s wickedness knows no bounds. He has returned to inflict war upon the entire world. He will not be allowed to rule, and this will have irreversible consequences. We must defend our territories and keep the world peaceful, no matter what it takes! We are looking for the best of the best.

You can prove your strength by showing perseverance, resourcefulness and strategic thinking in Wartime!

  • Join troops for development. Their generals are awaiting the land, navy, or air forces.
  • Make the most of your resources! You can acquire resources at both your base and in battle.
  • Form alliances to resist the most powerful enemy weapons!
  • Fight back against enemy troops! Conquer captured territories to expand your domain.
  • An army without a great general is useless! You should recruit top-class generals to take command of your troops.
  • Technology is the true power! Technology can be used to upgrade your troops.
  • The huge range of events here will keep you entertained! Their mavericks are already on the verge of great adventures and quests.

Are you able to stand firm against the enemy? Will your army be remembered in history books? Are you up to the challenge? It is now. To battle!

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