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Uprising Empires is a popular browser based MMORTS that has become quite popular among fans of the genre and delivers a heady dose of the strategy that they would have been searching for. The game is free to play and by that we mean that it actually is free in every way.

Once you have done the usual registering of an account to play, there is no download required, which means you can get straight into the action. First up, you have to choose empire you are going to represent. There are three to choose from in the Turks, Byzantine and the Mongols. Each of these will have different attributes which lead to advantages and disadvantages over one another. For a first time player we recommend the Mongols as they are the most balanced.

uprising empires uprising empires

Many games in this genre will have a tutorial, yet in most cases they are excruciatingly boring, yet this one is actually the opposite. It will teach you the core basics of the game in a very quick way, allowing you to get past them quickly so that you can experience the full game at its best.

There are just eleven quick steps in the tutorial and they will have you learn about how to battle your foes, conquer their lands, construct buildings and all of other neccasary pieces of information that you need to know.

Once you have got past that tutorial you need to set about building up your empire. This entails collecting the resources, experience and money required to construct what you need, which can take quite a while. There are tasks that you complete that will provide you with extra resources, which does make the grind a little bit easier.

uprising empiresuprising empires

Try not to avoid the tasks as you will be spending a very long time trying to play catch up with all of the other players. They may seem annoying and can take a little while to complete but the added resources you can earn from them can really make a big difference to your chances of competing in this game.

Whilst there are many games in this genre, this game does offer something a little bit more different during the battles. They are a little more complicated because you not only have soldiers that you have had to train and amass but you also need a hero to control them. You can hire these heroes to take your troops into battle but you have to be very careful to select the right ones. Many of them are highly untrustworthy and can be the sole reason for a defeat.

The graphics are suitable if nothing spectacular but there is absolutely no sound at all in the game. Whilst this is nothing too serious, it does seem a little odd.

uprising empiresuprising empires

What makes this game really standout though is that it actually is completely free. There is no premium features for players to plough money into the game. This means that it is a completely even battlefield but being free does bring its drawbacks. The game has to make enough money to keep running, which is why there are so many annoying advertisements everywhere.

To round everything off, the game is actually quite addictive, you will soon find yourself heavily immersed and very grateful that it is free. There may not be any sound and it might be quite a slow game to play but these are small issues that are hardly game breaking.

Pros of Uprising Empires


  • Truly Free
  • Interesting Battles
  • Suitable Graphics



Cons of Uprising Empires


  • No Sound
  • Pretty Slow Paced
  • Somewhat Repetitive



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