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Tentlan Review

Tentlan is an online strategy game that can be played in real-time. It was created during the pre-Columbian Americas. The players start with a small settlement at the center of the rainforest. They gradually increase their influence and power until they build great empires. Read the Tentlan review below and start playing for free in your browser!

Individual, collaborative, or competitive gaming

You can build great cities by yourself, in cooperation with other players, tribes, or to fight other emperors for supremacy.

Multiple researches, mysterious rituals and powerful units

Researches will help you to expand your knowledge and invoke divine influence. You can also prepare armies for war by recruiting different units and can invoke the seasons effects with some rituals. Another this is that you can switch seasons to benefit from their effects at crucial moments.PvP and PVE

You can recruit great troops to affront other players or you can train yourself while attacking villages of barbarians.

For strategists

Tentlan’s winners aren’t those with more resources or units. They are those who can play their aces. To irritate your opponents and surprise them, you should develop different strategies and play styles.

Tentlan is Free, no subscription, no catch

Tentlan remains free. Players can purchase a few extras to help the game run smoothly, but they are not required. Developers commit to creating quality games, honest, direct and sincere communications.

Everything began here

The ancient Mayas lived in a golden age thousands of years ago when the world was hardly inhabited and, if it was, very little civilized.

The vast territory was inhabited by many tribes and ran from dense rainforest in north to fertile Lowland south, the Great Lakes to the west, and the Highland to the east. It was divided into large empires and small Kingdoms, independent city-states and the Nordic nomads.

The Eagle empire was one of the most prosperous and powerful empires of that era. It covered thousands of miles and provided shelter for hundreds of thousands of people living in its many settlements. According to legend, Ahau Koot, the Eagle god, handed these lands to the first ruler. He appeared to him as an enormous eagle. The Eagle became a symbol of the empire and protector, and each sovereign was made an Eagle emperor.


Nacumal, the magnificent capital of the Eagle Empire, had no rivals. It was home to enormous palaces made of white limestone, huge pyramids, and wide avenues that were designed to impress the enemy as well as the sovereign’s people. A beautiful temple stood proudly in the center of Nacumal: it was the holy Sun Temple. This temple is the imperial treasure depository and architectonic pearl of Nacumal.

The real treasure hidden within the temple’s thick walls was far more valuable: the wisdom, knowledge and experience of the Eagle empire that had been collected over many generations. A giant statue of a golden Eagle was placed near the temple’s main entrance. It was adorned with precious jade stones and turquoise stones and had six guards who kept watch over it night and day. Legend has it that the statue was ordered by the first ruler after he had ended his alliance with the powerful Eagle god. The statue has been a sacred relic since then. It symbolizes the alliance and reinforces the loyalty of the Eagle emperor’s nine tribes.

The capital was not just famous for its architectural wonders. There are many comforts that can be found to compensate for the harsh tropical sun and close proximity to the jungle. These include an excellent water supply system through aqueducts, shadowy trees and highly-popular taverns as well as spacious public baths built according to special orders of the current Emperor Ikal Koot IV.

Nacumal also housed a huge market. It was the most important and largest of all the trading areas from the Great Lakes to Highland. It was where Pochteca, the merchant who brought exotic items from foreign lands to Nacumal, used to arrive in their caravans. Polom, the local trader used to close his deals there. Markets offered everything, no matter how sophisticated they may be. There was a wide selection of fresh corn harvest, sweet yellow squashes, sweet paprika, vibrant feathers of bird quetzal, and amulets with mysterious Lowland glyphs’ inscriptions. Cacao beans were preferred by merchants as a payment method: a housewife who had some experience in haggling might get a large turkey for 20 cacao beans, or a big rabbit for 10 cacao beans.

Neighbors and foes

As it is often the case, envy and jealousy can be accompanied by wealth and prosperity. Envious people have been known to look enviously at imperial granaries and fertile lands, palaces, and their treasures. The nomadic tribes of Nomadic have begun to cross the imperial borders again and harass the local population. They have not been friendly-minded in the past. They avoid confrontations with imperial troops because they know that it is difficult to defeat the owner the tallest pyramids and thickest defense walls. Many have heard of the alliance with Ahau Koot, the powerful god.

Frontier conflicts are not as serious as the more pressing threat posed by the archenemy of Eagle empire, the Balam Dynasty from Valley of the Great Lakes. Also known as the Valley kingdom, these problems are far less severe than the Eagle empire’s archenemy. Wakatel Balam II was the last Balam king. He was jealous and arrogant and owned vast lands that he had conquered and integrated into his kingdom’s territories. Although wars have been fought between the great empires for centuries, neither one has been able to defeat the other.

Wakatel Balam I was forced to accept humiliating defeat and leave behind his booty to give the conquered lands over to his enemy many moons ago. These were the terms of Eagle empire’s troops, who took the prince Chan Balam (the only son and heir to the Valley kingdom) hostage. A ransom was also to be paid for the prince’s freedom if the Valley king ever desired to see his son alive. The Eagle emperor, in humiliation of his archenemy, wanted to see Wakatel balam II kneeling, asking the winner to free his son and heir.

Wakatel Balam II’s Oath

Wakatel Balam II could not accept his defeat and humiliation, despite the truce being closed for 24 more moons. He took a horrible oath and vowed to do unheard of revenge on the Eagle emperor and his satellites. He promised that he would not stop until all the royal families were gone from the face the earth and till the enemy’s lands are destroyed by droughts or plagues. How can this terrible oath be fulfilled? Wakatel Balam II learned his lesson. He knew that defeating the enemy in open combat was not the best strategy. Wakatel Balam II sent his spies out to collect information about the Eagle empire’s frontier fortifications, troop movements, and the ransom. He then thought of finding clever and artistic allies to help him trick the Eagle empire through witchcraft and scheming.


He first approached the coyotes, wild tribes that have a bad reputation for being cruel, ferocious and very civilized. They also have a dispute with the Eagle emperor’s families, who refused to declare Utiw Kahih as a coyote leader for the hand of the lovely princess Itzamal. Wakatel Balam II’s diplomats believed that the coyotes would seek revenge on the royal family if they had the chance to pillage and rob.

The coyotes do not build their own cities. They don’t erect pyramids made of white limestone or plough the ground. They are only experts in pillaging and warfare. Utiw Kabih received a quarter of future booty as a reward for his participation in defeating the Eagle empire. The princess Itzamal was also included as a prize.

Black Naguals

Wakatel Balam II was able to win the support of wild coyotes and convince a powerful group of black naguals. These naguals are unquestionably experts in black magic, which is something that everyone dreads. Black naguals can send plagues to their enemies’ lands or transform themselves into any form of physical matter, catching the enemy off guard. The king of the Valley promised the naguals the holy Sun Temple of the Eagle Empire as a reward for their only pillage. Although they tried many times to gain access to the temple, the naguals failed to succeed. They were not after the treasures, but the wisdom of the Eagle empire that was kept in the Sun Temple for many generations. This seems like the time has come for them to finally gain access to the sanctuary.

Ikal Koot IV reveals more about vengeance plans

Sometimes, a small mistake can be very costly. Sometimes, it even has to be paid with your life. Two spies from Valley kingdom fell into a trap while on the Eagle empire mission. They were captured by border watchmen and brought to the Emperor. The emperor was then informed about the plans of his archenemy. The king of the Valley of the Great Lakes seems to be back recruiting troops despite the recent truce. He lures them with a large booty.

The spies tried unsuccessfully to hide the identity of the third ally that the king from Valley wanted to win. After finally being able to speak, the Eagle Emperor learned that his enemy had sent messengers from the Land of the Caves in order to secure the support of Cave dwarfs for the forthcoming battle. These tiny creatures are highly feared because they can inflict all sorts of mental and physical illnesses on their enemies, tormenting them until they surrender. The captured spies couldn’t tell if the dwarfs had accepted the Valley offer.

The report of the spies was received with great concern by the emperor lkal Koot V. It became clear that the fragile peace was about to end much sooner than expected. He felt a great deal of anxiety as he realized that none of his court had any idea how to combat his archenemy’s powerful allies. This was because neither conventional warfare tactics nor weapons could be used in combat with such creatures. Their weapons were black magic, tricks, and scheming. This situation is even worse because no one can predict the appearance of the enemy and the tricks he will use.

Tentlan Screenshots

Prepare for War if You Want Peace

The enemy from the Valley isn’t slowing down: his troops have already conquered several city-states, settlements and areas that were not loyal to the Valley. These are located on the road to the Eagle empire. Their disloyalty is now a problem for the Valley kingdom. Wakatel Balam I wouldn’t mind putting up resistance when his great campaign begins. Although he is far from the battlefront and is not ready to fight, war is in the air.

The Eagle empire has begun war preparations. Defense walls at the imperial frontier have been strengthened, additional troops deployed to guard the frontiers, and the number of town watchmen, watchmen, and town guards has been increased by two. The merchants Pochteca will be returning from the southern Lowland as soon as possible, their caravans stocked with supplies in case of a prolonged siege.

Finally, the Pochteca have returned. They have returned empty handed, however. They spoke out loudly and gesticulated wildly, finally telling their tale about the terrible misfortune that befell the southern tribes. The southern people have provided the Eagle empire over the years with the finest types of cacao, sweet and paprika, corn, and other prouct. In return, they received arms and animal furs. Their entire harvest is now gone due to a terrible drought.

The misfortunes of the southern tribes

It all started when the chief of a southern tribe refused to pay a tribute to Chan Balam the prince from Valley kingdom. His father sent him there to create discontent among the population and a platform for attacking the Lowland tribes. It was simple strategy: To cut off the food supply of the Eagle empire, as these territories were the only route for caravans to cross from the Lowland (the breadbasket) of the Eagle empire.

Chan Balam, facing resistance, applied immediately to black naguals who caused a severe drought in all of the southern lands. The water vanished from the channels and lakes, and soils dried up. Crops died. It was a time of hunger and starvation. It didn’t take Chan Balam much to get the famishing troops to surrender and to destroy Uxabe, the capital of the Lowland.

Those who survived were spared the fate of being sold as slaves to Valley kingdom. They flew to southern frontiers of their lands, where the enemy had not yet advanced. They didn’t feel safe, as they knew the enemy would soon be there. The survivors left a message for the Pochteca to the Eagle emperor asking him permission to cross the imperial territory to reach the Highland. The high mountains were the best place to hide from the evil black naguals. They left behind all their belongings and set off. The jungle began to devour abandoned settlements.

When he heard the Pochteca report, Ikal Koot IV was completely lucid. There has been no shortage of news about the abominable acts of black naguals since then. It was time for the nine tribes that had pledged loyalty to the Eagle Emperor many generations before to be summoned. The messengers quickly reached the tribes to deliver the note of the emperor about the Tribal Council summit. The vile naguals needed to be stopped. However, nobody knew how.

Warning to Atlantis

Finally, the day arrived when all nine chiefs of the tribes arrived at Imperial Court. After the greetings ceremony, they were invited to go to the Tribal Council Palace where they could enjoy exotic foods and beverages. They didn’t even get to taste anything when a new visitor arrived, wanting to meet the Eagle Emperor and his guests. Atlant was the new visitor.

Everyone has heard of the Atlants, but no one has ever been able to see them in person. According to legend, the Atlants are the descendants of the Warriors of the Lost Land. They are also believed to have learned the skills of ancestral martial arts from the warriors. Black naguals would not be able to compete with the Atlants. They are great magicians but they don’t use them for evil purpose and can communicate over great distances and pinpoint their enemy’s location from a distance of many villages.

They can also attack their enemies from a distance. However, this is only possible in rare cases. They will only intervene if the balance is at risk. The Atlant messenger was sent by the Allies to inform them about an ancient prophecy. Once the balance is broken, terrible plagues will be sent to the lands. This would lead to a great disaster. The Sun would set, and then the time would cease. Then, finally, all of the earth would be covered in eternal darkness.

Impending Catastrophe

The arrival of the messenger was a warning sign that the disaster was near. Atlants wanted the Eagle emperor to be notified by his allies about the possible outcome of the conflict. The danger of the black naguals pillaging the holy Sun Temple would cause the balance to fall apart forever. Another Atlant messenger sent to the naguals but they refused to withdraw. It seemed that the opportunity to enter the Sun Temple had made them forget that they could not use their power for any other party. The Atlants see it as their duty to challenge the black naguals to reduce the potential for catastrophe. They would not be able to stop it.

Battle of the Giants

It happened exactly as the Atlants predicted. Both sides were influenced by emotions and thirsty after blood and booty and attacked each other in an utterly destructive war. Both giants waged war, but many people and tribes suffered from hunger and misery as they were forced to flee their homelands. The fate of those who joined the war to avoid being swallowed up by the giants was the same for all. Those who were able to flee fled to the mountains where other southern tribes had found temporary shelter.

The Valley offered the dwarfs of Caves but they preferred to stay away from human quarrels. However, the Atlants won the long and difficult duel with black naguals. The naguals had committed many horrible acts, including sending pest, mosquitoes, drought and yellow frogs to exterminate entire areas. To pay their debts, the naguals were exiled to the underworld Xibalba.

Both sides failed to escape the battle with their heads held high because the losses were too great. Both empires lost control of their territories. The war ended shortly after they fell apart, and many weak city-states rose from the ruins. The principal antagonists, the great rulers and heirs of both empires, have not been mentioned. Some believe they killed each other, while others think they were banished to Xibalba with the naguals.

Golden Eagle Statue Found

The golden eagle statue was lost in Nacumal, once a beautiful capital of Eagle empire. The land was suddenly struck by darkness just as the statue was taken from its original location. It was the sign the Eagle god had abandoned the empire. Wise men believe that the empire is doomed to fall if the eagle statue does not return to its rightful home. It will lose its power, territory, riches, and well-being. Although some believe that the naguals were responsible for the robbery it is not true. The nine tribes broke off the alliance that had bound them to the Eagle empire and began to draw their borders from scratch. This led to a series of disputes between tribes over where the boundaries should be drawn. However, no one was strong enough to consolidate territories under their control and unify feuding tribes.

The rest of southern tribes, along with other refugees, waited for the war to end in high mountains. They returned to their homes, rebuilt their settlements and hoped that it would.

Tentlan review: Now what?

The last events have shown what can happen to humans if the laws of this world are broken. Although the Atlants were able to stop the executions of the ancient prophecy they have not restored the balance. Chaos, famine, and disintegration have all led to chaos and disintegration in both empires. The danger that current chaos could trigger the execution of an ancient prophecy is still present.

The tribes now need a strong hand to stop the chaos, restore order and prevent people from famishing. Do not let the land fall into chaos! Find strong allies, join other tribes, and build a strong empire to save the land!

Tentlan trailer

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