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Sword Warriors Online is a free online MMORPG with a fantasy setting. It features the conflict and chaos between good and evil dark force and involves players into the struggle of the light and the shadow. Choose a side and fight for its victory.
An ancient prophecy dictate that in a world shrouded in darkness, a champion must rise from the ruins and rule over the lands and reinstate peace.
Will that hero be you?

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Sword Warriors Online has the similar setups to many other MMORPGS. It has the various established concepts like quests, equipment enhancement, mounts, player-run shops, PvE and PvP fights, group play, guild and more. And all the elements are structured conventionally, being level-locked and unraveled gradually with character upgrading. It entails a mellow start with some grinding in questing before the diverse contents become activated and available.

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Sword Warriors Online – Key Game Features:

  • Players can try out 2 different classes, Kensai and Corsair.
  • Each classes has 3 unique builds:
    • Physical Build will give full physical power.
    • Magical Build will give full magical power.
    • Hybrid Build this is a combined build from magic and physical, use this and you will take more damage but you will also deal twice of base damage from any build.
  • Experience brand new skills sets, battle style and quest line, dungeons, Lands to conquer and so on.
  • Explore a beautiful world rife with varied monsters, terrains, items, NPCs and so on.
  • Get a mount and gain bonuses not only in traveling speed but also in basic attributes during combat.
  • Unlock companion demons and combine them to your character for enhancement.
  • Open and run your won shops to buy and sell items with other players.
  • Pick up gears as loots and merge the less useful to make your favorite equipment stronger.
  • Make friends, build a team and join a guild for the common goals, economic gains and more.
  • Talents, Pets,Fashion,Mounts,Gear Customizations, Epic Jump feature, PvP, GvG, PvE and yes the game has it all and even more give them a try!

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    Best Browser game i ever played

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