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Star Stable game review

One of the most understated statements of the digital age is to say that the ecosystem of MMORPGs (massively multiple-player online role-playing games) is dominated by armed conflict and superheroes. It’s refreshing to find an MMORPG that focuses on a more practical topic and still allows for fantasy and imagination. Welcome to the Star Stable horse game and the magical universe of horses.

Before you can play Star Stable, register and download Star Stable’s software. Microsoft DirectX software is also required. It took just 5 minutes to register on a Windows 7 machine, which was quite a long time compared to other MMORPGs.

Let’s start the game

Once you press play, you can start your Star Stable online creating your character and choose your first horses. Please note that the main characters cannot be boys! After choosing your eye color, hairstyle, makeup, (for yourself and your horse), you will be taken to Moorland Stables online in Jorvik where you can find all the Star Stable entertainment adventures. There you will take care of your horses.

Star Stable Online is available for free. However, Star Riders are the only people who can have real fun. Star Riders cost $7.49 per month. There are discount options available for 3 months or 6 months. Or you can become a lifetime member for $69.95. Star Rider membership comes with an initial allocation of Star Coins. These can be used in order to buy clothing, equipment, or even another horse. You can buy additional every week (or an additional 100 each week).

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Star Coins can be earned by riders as well. They can also earn Jorvik Shillings playing daily quests or entering races and championships. Weekly events include fashion shows as well as a treasure hunt part. There is even an open Friday night DJ show!

The game provides entertainment and changing gameplay, despite having limited controls and features. You can also enjoy the full immersive experience. It takes approximately 150 hours to go through all 17 levels. New content is added every week. Regular players will visit Jorvik every single day to groom their horses, and to participate in daily races.

Game developers claim the game increases problem-solving skills and helps players feel more responsible in caring for their horses as well as managing their virtual currencies. It encourages reading fiction and engaging with it.

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Is Start Stable worth it?

Star Stable up to date has a strong social aspect, as with most MMORPGs. Members are encouraged to read the rules and then join ride clubs to plan trails rides, picnics, and special parades. Chat options are available. Players can chat with their friends privately or with the entire group. Even though chat sessions can be moderated and negative words are blocked, it’s evident that Star Stable is home to some “mean girls”. However, younger players should limit their chat sessions to their friends, even though there appears to not be any way for their parents to opt out of the global chat options.

Star Stable can be played on a Mac or PC (Windows XP or later)

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