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Ram Pressure Game Review.

Ram pressure refers to a pressure shock wave that is generated by a body in rapid motion in a fluid medium. A shock wave is created by supersonically traveling through Earth’s atmosphere. Ram pressure heats the air, which in turn heats it as it flows around.

An unusual meteorite storm passed through our solar systems, and fragments of an alien spaceship fleet fell to Earth. These pieces included damaged space ships and parts of space bases. Fearing panic from the public, the world governments sent elite mercenary teams to crash sites to conceal the truth. They gained access to alien technology before anyone else.

You are the leader of a paramilitary organization responsible for securing and delivering weapons and intelligence to alien crash sites to pay governments that don’t mind the loss of lives. As you gain experience, while making extremely risky incursions for alien artifacts, you can begin to uncover the truth behind state-sponsored efforts to use alien technology to control the population. As far as “first contact” is concerned, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Humanity faces a more serious threat that could result in complete eradication.


RAM Pressure is a tactical, story-driven multiplayer game that combines the turn-based combat of XCOM and a well-rounded sci-fi setting. You can experience intense online multiplayer tactical action, and discover a unique plot and storyline that is built on both single-player missions and multiplayer missions.

There are many tactical scenarios

Enjoy procedurally-generated maps, day and night missions, and changing weather conditions.

Unique class system

You can customize your characters using 12 classes and 160 skills. You can upgrade your armor and weapons with a huge selection of 100 guns, 10 weapon classes, and even alien weapons.

Environments and buildings that are easily destroyed

In the meantime, for tactical purposes, don’t waste the environment!


Note that this is not the final game. This is Open Beta Test, which is used to identify bugs and gather feedback as soon as possible. You should reinstall the game if you participated in Private Beta. Download the new installer by clicking here.

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