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Rail Nation review

Rail Nation is a free browser based MMO developed by Bright Future that see players put in control of a railroad company. The game is based heavily on strategy as you have to try and expand your fleet to be able to transport as many goods as possible on the railway networks.

The game is based on competition with other players, so strategy is highly important, as is the ability to run your company as efficiently as possible.

rail nation

If you think you have what it takes to propel a railroad company to perform better than anyone else then this could be the game for you. Through sheer determination, efficient planning and with the help of some friends you could soon be sitting right at the top of the pile. The only problem is that it is not that simple as you will have to work very hard at it and possibly spend some dollars at the same time.

You will need to build up the company’s wealth, upgrade you locomotives and plan carefully about which products you will be transporting and along what particular routes. Obviously, the further you progress in the game the more routes and products will become available .

rail nation
rail nation

Each round of the game lasts about four months with the player that has managed to accrue the most prestige in the game as the winner. Players are awarded prestige throughout the game by leveling up and reaching certain milestones.

The game also tries to encourage players to join corporations. Corporations are multiplayer ventures that see each member working together as one in order to progress. Anyone in a corporation will be able advance in the game far quicker and earn more prestige points.

rail nation
rail nation

The graphics are good and there are not too many other games out there that are like this one, especially not free to play anyway. The games is all in 3D and it has some nice little animations and the historical aspect of the game is nice to see too with plenty of old locomotives and railroads.

This game will certainly lend itself to those that have an affection for either trains and railways or those that like a strategy game that involves a lot of forward thinking. Anyone else may find it difficult to stay interested as it can become a little repetitive at times and a very hard grind.

Is Rail Nation free to play?

As with many free to play games the biggest complaints are that those who dip into their wallets are the ones that are most likely to win. Those that can afford to pay the most will have the biggest benefits which gives those that do not wish to pay money an impossible task of ever actually winning a game. There are not many people that would want to play a game without having at least a chance for free, so you can understand where they are coming from.

Pros of Rail Nation


  • Encourages Teamwork
  • Looks Nice
  • Based Heavily on Strategy


Cons of Rail Nation


  • Massively Pay To Win
  • Rounds A Little Short


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