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Have you ever played a quiz like game on a Google map? This is a great opportunity for you to try it because PINMAP is an amazingly funny, educational and highly informative new game available to everyone! PINMAP works as a kind of a virtual exploration through different areas of interest- from sports through geography to history. The player is actually an explorer who is trying to solve as many questions as possible and at the same time to acquire very interesting information about the movies, famous actors, significant historical facts, curious and mysterious geographic regions, and many more.

For you to try the game, you should first register as the player. Registration is pretty simple, you only need to enter a name and choose your gender. Depending on your gender you get an icon (male or female). Last step is to choose the level of difficulty. For now, there are three levels of difficulty: Kid, Tourist and Explorer. Kid is considered to be an easy level, but it is not so easy at all 🙂 as you will hopefully find out very soon! Tourist is good for average users, people who find themselves well-acquainted with general knowledge, and Explorer works for hard core players, the true quiz masters and knowledge-thirsty conquerors!

The game takes place on the map and the goal of researchers is to answer the questions by going to accurate (or as accurate as possible) location on the map. Depending on the accuracy of the answers (closeness of the exact spot) a player receives points and collects them. Questions are randomly selected from various categories, including history, geography, sports, art, etc.

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Depending on the accuracy, a player gets points. The maximum points he / she can get is 10 points, and that is within 100 kilometers from the exact location. From 100 to 500 kilometers, a player gets 8 points. If your miss varies between 500 and 1000 kilometers you get 4 points, and for a miss between 1000 and 1500 kilometers you get only 2 points. If you miss even more (a whole country or a continent) unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, you will score zero.
For each round, as well as for the whole game, the time will be measured but the best time does not necessarily mean the best result. The best result achieves an explorer with the most points, meaning that he got the most locations correct and thus showed the best general knowledge.

slika-1-1 slika-2-2
Your score is saved and ranked on the scale according to the chosen level of difficulty. So, for all three levels there is a corresponding scoreboard. The settings are stored in your computer, so you can continue where you left off whenever you open
You can explore the world on the pin map either at home or at your workplace, whenever you feel like it and, maybe, in the meantime you can brush up the knowledge acquired so far by playing this amazing new knowledge game! You can immediately set up a challenge among the group of your friends to see who the best explorer among you is! Good idea, isn’t it? Have fun!

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