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OGame is another popular title from GameForge, with this one being a browser based sci-fi MMO. The text based game has you in control of a colony and the idea is that you have to expand it as much as possible by collecting resources, researching new buildings and technologies and constructing a fleet of starships.

The game has become incredibly popular since its release and now has a massive player base. The reasons for this have to be the huge universe that is accessible to explore and conquer, the vast array of units and buildings that are available and of course the fact that the game is free to play.


Once you have signed up you are put through a quick tutorial to set you off on the right foot, teaching you how to collect the resources you need, research the spaceships required for your fleet and all of the necessary buildings.

One thing you will notice though, is just how slow paced the game is. If you are expecting to be fighting intergalactic PvP battles from the off then you will be sorely mistaken. In fact you will probably not see any battles until after about two weeks of play. This is because you start off with very little and it will take you a lot of time to build up both your economy and fleet.


On the plus side, the universe in which you play is truly massive. There are more than 1,400 maps with 15 planets on each of them. The idea is to try and conquer as many of them as possible.

You will quickly see that resources are the most important aspect of this game as they really are hard to come by, especially in the beginning. You will have to level up all of your resource creators such as mines as quickly as possible, which really is not that quick at all. Leveling them up will obviously produce more resources allowing you to build your fleets quicker.

The battles are not all that great either. So basically, after waiting almost two weeks to even see one, then discovering they are simply text based with the player holding the most attack point’s winning is a bit of an anticlimax.


The game also has open PvP, which you will either love or hate. You are able to attack or be attacked at any given time, with the former leading to many mornings waking up and finding you have been conquered. This open PvP means you should seriously look at getting into an alliance as soon as possible. This will bring you added protection as well as making you some new friends in the process.

OGame is definitely a game for those that love strategy empire building games, yet it is far from original and is very similar to other games in this genre.


There are also many complaints that the game gives far too many bonuses to premium players. These advantages are usually related to the amount of resources that can be produced which puts free playing players at a huge disadvantage.


Despite this, the game has huge depth and large amounts of variety, which is probably why it is as popular as it is. We think that the pros far outweigh the cons and believe that for those into the sci-fi niche will love the game and not be able to put it down.

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Pros of OGame


  • Loads of Content
  • Huge Universe
  • Massive Player Base


Cons of OGame


  • Incredibly Slow
  • No Animated Battles
  • Tough In The Beginning


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