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My Lands: Black Gem Hunting is a massive online multiplayer game which is browser based and sees players take part in a military/economic strategy game in real time. The game involves the usual city development, alliances, trades and wars that you would come to expect from this genre but it also promises players something a little different

Players start out by selecting the race they wish to be. This can be either elves, dark elves, knights or demons with each obviously having their own selection of skills, perks and weapons available to them. Players are then taken through the story of the game and are then given advice on how to do the basics in the game such as developing their skills, how to build a basic city, how to trade and what you need to know about going to war.

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The developers have really tried to make it as easy as possible for new players to get into the game and learn what they need to know. This is a good thing as otherwise it could turn quite a few players away as it is quite complicated in the beginning. Players are even given a mentor, another player that has built up good knowledge of the game and is able to pass this on to the newcomer.

Eventually you will notice your city transform from a bunch of small dwellings to that of a major industrial port.

Players are then able to start exploring the map and finding new territories, meeting new players that could either become allies or enemies, hook up with clans and go looking for some of that hidden treasure that can be exchanged for real money.

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Alliances should be formed early in this game as if you want to find that hidden loot in the likes of the Ancient Ruins or Salt Lakes it will take a lot of travelling. Travel alone and you may find it too tough to fight off any enemies on route.


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In essence you have to pay before you can get paid which might be a turn off for some, yet people really do manage to get paid out in this game…eventually.

If you do like a grind and the potential at earning money from playing a game though, this could be for you. Do not expect to get rich quick though as the amounts are very small but enough to make a profit on the subscription that you paid if you work hard.

Pros of My Lands


  • Very social and rewards being in an alliance
  • Many areas to explore



Cons of My Lands


  • Tough to make real money
  • Heavily pay 2 win orientated
  • Graphics are fairly limited




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