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League of Angels 3 Game Review.

League of Angels 3 is now available! Let’s take a look at League of Angels III to see if it is worth the effort!

What is League of Angels III?

League of Angels III is the third installment of GTarcade’s fantasy MMORPG genre game franchise. (You may read the review for the first version of the game here). After that, get the game for free from our links and play. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge of fantasy worlds and heroes to play the set. After creating an account, you will be able to choose which class or customization you want, but this is not the main focus of the game.

Soon, the tutorial sequence begins and players are inserted into the story where their heroes go from quest to quest, earning XP, better gear, and so on. As a new player, it is not difficult to gain levels. This is so that you can unlock all gameplay modes and mechanics that are locked behind levels. While this can be frustrating for some, it is possible to disable the automated movement for manual gameplay.

The biggest Pros

One of the greatest features about multiplayer League of Angels III, is its combat system. It is linked to an important progression: collecting companions. Players must build their party and level up in order to unlock better equipment, mounts, and upgrades. You can add many companions to your game by either completing story quests or crafting them.

It is required to spend money to get the most valuable companions. You can still acquire enough PvE content by earning it for free. You can add your companions to a formation once you have enough. To illustrate, Tanks will be in the front while Ranged friends will be at the rear. These companions can earn experience and level up. You can also upgrade their gear and weapons. The system is engaging and interesting because it involves a layer strategy that allows you to mix and match your companions for fight.

It’s a great free game idea

League of Angels III uses a turn-based party logic. Your fellow heroes each take turns casting spells and attacking depending on their roles and negotiating with enemy sides. The best part about your hero’s turn is that you can choose the skills you want to use. While you cannot do the same for your companions as well, the combat is still interesting. While the turn-based logic is not without its challenges, it can be very rewarding when you see the results of your party’s hard work.

LOA III is a great choice for fans of beautiful fantasy games and of the Game of Thrones series. Although still in beta, the graphics have been set in stone and look stunning and powerful for a web based game. Modern art support is incorporated into the League of Angel tradition of regal armor, sexy attires, and winged angels. Although the in-game soundtrack is decent, it tends to loop on the loop which can be quite annoying. The game’s focus on making it look good is evident. You can rotate your hero camera whenever you want in time to see the world around you in 3D. League of Angels III is an MMORPG that looks great.

Is League of Angels 3 worth it?

This is not to suggest that the game is without problems. It’s currently unstable on some machines. This causes crashes and requires multiple reloads. Other areas of the world are extremely static and initiated, making it impossible to explore. Most players won’t mind this as there is plenty of story and group material in the core game. It’s easy to have fun with friends heroes and guild members, and World Bosses is a great way to grind for higher gear and reach the level cap. You can also expect to see more updates, tweaks, and improvements as the game evolves. This is great news for anyone considering starting the game. League of Angels III, an MMORPG you can play for free right now, is a great choice.

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