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You would have been asked the question “What would you do if you were stranded all alone on a tropical island?” at some point in your lives and this game goes someway to giving you that experience. Lagoonia was a free to play browser game brought to us by InnoGames that sees you as a survivor of a plane crash and struggling to survive on a mysterious tropical island. The game was discontinued at the end of 2013.

As the game starts, you first witness the cut scene where the plane crashes before finding yourself all alone on this foggy island. You are given a set list of tasks to complete to ensure your survival, with you first being tasked with not only researching but also building a habitat for you to live in. You have to use materials found on the island and anything else that you can salvage from the crash site.

These quests and tasks progress until you start to find a number of bottles containing messages in, which are from other survivors and the love of your life. You then have to complete a set of tasks that will see you set a fire beacon in order to attract them to your location.

That concludes the first chapter of the game with the next finally having you reunited with the love of your life. You are then tasked with not only surviving and increasing the size of your habitat but also now raising generations of your family on the island.

lagoonia-ingame-3 lagoonia-ingame-1

There is no competition with regards to others playing the game, meaning no enemies. In fact the only interaction you will have with other players is that you can visit their settlements and they can visit yours. You can help eachother out by doing repairs whenever you visit.

Games of this type will usually award you a certain amount of energy after a set time and this is the same with this game but there are other ways to get additional energy. This can be done setting campfires and placing fishing nets, each offering you a good boost in energy.

lagoonia-2click of jungle

Graphically the game is fairly simple but it is a browser game after all. It does everything it needs to without being too flashy. It is designed o be played socially rather than seriously so you can see why there has not been too much effort put in to make it look fantastic.



Lagoonia is heavily a social game but it does offer quite a lot to do. You can go and further explore for new islands, build a wide range of buildings and gather the resources that you need. There is not much in the way of interaction with other players though, which can make the game a little on the boring side.

This game is perfect if you are after something that is casual, something to do in your spare time that is not going to need to be taken seriously to be successful. If that is not what you are after, you might find that there is too little going on in this game to really meet your expectations.

Pros of Lagoonia

  • Very casual and social
  • Plenty of tasks
  • Free to play

Cons of Lagoonia

  • The story could be a bit cleaner
  • Limited graphics
  • Not much interaction with other players

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