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Many medieval strategy games have proved to be successful over the years and Khan Wars which was developed by XS software is no different. The text based browser game is one of those that require plenty of imagination, a keen eye for strategy and good levels of patience if it is to be one that you fully appreciate.

You need a strong ability to be able to plan and balance the needs of your settlement from the construction of required buildings and the development and formations for your army if you are going to be a success at Kahn Wars.

khan warskhan wars

You begin with a choice to make as you have nine different nations to consider, each harboring different starting bonuses. These bonuses are the only real difference between each nation though, so once you have decided on the bonus you want there is not much else to consider. An example of the starting bonuses on offer are that Arabians are given a 10% reduction in costs for training their infantry whilst there is a 10% increase in storage capacity for Lithuanians.

khan warskhan wars

The game has a similar feel to that of “Age of Empires” and will definitely be a firm favorite of those that have enjoyed that game in the past. The main difference between the two titles being that Khan Wars is played at far slower pace.

Once you have decided on the nation you wish to represent, you start off with a blank canvas of a city and have to start building it up from scratch. Each and every building available to build will only be able to be built once and you have to work at upgraded them to be far more productive.

khan warskhan wars

In the beginning each building is quick to build but the higher their level goes the upgrades can take many hours. This leads to the game being very slow paced even though you can build as many as three buildings at the same time.

There are four main resources in the game, Food, wood, gold and iron with each needing a specific building to produce them. There are other ways to get resources though as you can do a daily vote that provides some resources or you can pay for a premium account which allows your buildings to generate far more resources.

khan warskhan wars

There is a time limit on each game, meaning it is a race to the finish. You are encouraged to make alliances, build up your army and see if you can make it to the very top of the rankings before that time runs out.

The game is one of many in this niche and although it is simple to play there is not really much that allows it to stand right out from the rest. It is a little faster to play than others but it is also much quicker before you can be attacked by other players. So you have to be ready from the get go. Make sure you build up your defenses as quickly as possible.

khan warskhan wars

One good thing about the game is the amount of variety with the units you can build for your army. Each country also has their very own special unit that has specific strengths.

If you are a fan of this genre and perhaps do not have the computing power to play much else, this game could provide you the entertainment that you are looking for. If not, you may want to look elsewhere.

khan warskhan wars

Pros of Khan Wars


  • Simple To Play
  • Special Units
  • High Strategy Levels



Cons of Khan Wars


  • Slow Paced
  • Graphically Disappointing
  • Far From Unique



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