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Jade Goddess Game Review

You will be immersed in the incredible world of Eastern mythology with its distinct fantasy-style 3D graphics. Earn the respect and courage of the Jade Dynasty’s guardians! You can improve your character and learn ancient lore in order to revive the legend, who once blessed and protected imperial provinces. You are the one that will end chaos and discord which plague the lands


Jade Goddess Game modes

The game features a captivating storyline based on Asian myths, legends, and stories. This game allows you to explore the great world solo or with friends. Register now to take part in the battle against evil on the official site.

In the game , you will be challenged PVE And PVP. You can encounter, in-arena or siege battles. You can find forgotten artifacts that will unlock incredible astral powers, or you can tame a horse for additional travel options. Take a break from adventuring. Then enjoy and married to one of the many social features!

Jade Goddess Key Features

  • There are four classes you can choose from with distinct abilities: Warrior/Hunter/Fury and Amazon.
  • A wide range of character skills are available with great customization, including equipment upgrades, crafting manuscripts, inspiration, astral power, and many more.
  • Advanced social system: Weddings, titles and factional hierarchy with unique abilities for commanding positions;
  • You can choose from a variety of PVE or PVP events. Take down your foes in the arena and clear many difficult dungeons.
  • Unusual game mechanics: Tame avatars and horses, uncover long-forgotten artifacts and wield destructive weapons!

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