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Imperia Online is another browser based online multiplayer strategy game that puts you in a position of power as a Lord over your people. Whilst this all sounds great, being a Lord is not always what it is cracked up to be as you will have to work hard to keep your people happy as your strive to grow your empire.

Your land has to be developed and improved and this can take a lot of hard work and even more time the further that you get. Fortunately there is a tutorial at the start of the game that will allow you to get used to the basics and have you learning things such as building new structures, what they are for and the sort of resources you can get from them.

You play this game in real time against the many other thousands that are online at any given time. Whilst you are trying to develop your own empire there will be those out there that will be looking to attack it to get hold of your resources. You also will need to attack others to keep up with the rest and better still you will need to join an alliance.

You should also know that this game does not stop when you go offline. It continues at all times so there is no stopping somebody attacking you whilst you sleep. This is going to happen, so you really should get used to it.

Imperia Online Imperia Online

So what makes this strategy browser game stand out from all of the rest? The only thing is the strategy aspect, as it really is not much more than a text based game with a few graphics thrown in. If you are looking for a game full of medieval battles that you are in complete control of, then you really should look elsewhere.

Whilst the graphics are nothing special, at least there are some unlike sound. There is no sound in the game at all, which some may be happy about but it does seem strange to play in complete silence.

Another aspect that many may find as a drawback is just the amount of time that the game can take. In other games of this genre you would never expect to have to wait days for certain crops or for your soldiers to be trained. Many will argue that this is a good thing for a strategy game as it forces you to think long and hard about decisions before you take them.

Imperia Online Imperia Online

In free to play browser games the defining factor usually comes down to the balance of the game with regards free players and those that opt for premium accounts. Well, unfortunately this game is much like many others in the genre in that those who play tend to have fairly unbalanced advantages. Players can opt to buy diamonds and take up other benefits such as being able to shorten construction times, enhance the amount of resources they get and of course have bonuses when attacking and defending empires.

Those that pay will rightly claim that they should have an advantage and that the game would not run without them yet we feel the advantages should not be so unbalanced. That being said, for a good player that does not pay to challenge at the top is not totally unheard of.

Pros of Imperia Online


  • High Amount Of Strategy Involved
  • Free To Play
  • Lots To Keep You Busy


Cons of Imperia Online


  • Very Slow Building Times
  • Poor Graphics/No Sound
  • Heavy On Pay To Win


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