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Hustle Castle Review.

The evil demon lord has taken the princess, save her! This is the abrupt start of the game, and the reason I find the storyline so poor. Although the game has a lot of small dialogues throughout the main storyline, it’s just so boring. Although it tries way too hard to be funny, it’s not. Read the whole Hustle Castle review below!

Without any backstories or a deep personality, the characters are “bare bottom required characters”, which I refer to as being created so that the game can go on. There aren’t any noteworthy stories or characters in this game, but there is a story that was created to at least provide a narrative for the game.


Hustle Castle, a building game with a core similar to Fallout Shelter, is set in a medieval setting. The difference between this game and Fallout Shelter, however, is that Fallout Shelter requires more planning and strategy. Fallout Shelter requires you to balance power, food, water and people. Hustle Castle is a construction game that doesn’t require planning.

  • Exploration and combat are the main purposes of food. Your people won’t “drain” them or consume them.
  • To build buildings, you can use gold. Your residents don’t have to be paid wages.

This game is not difficult, and you won’t lose or screw up.


In keeping with RPG games, this game gives characters an inventory and skills.

  • Combat
  • Magic
  • Food
  • Finance

Although it may seem simplified, the skills are directly related to what it is.

  • You can equip better combat gear if you have higher combat skills.
  • This character has better magic skills, which allows it to produce more mana when placed into a mana well.
  • More food comes from better cooking skills.
  • More gold is produced by finance skills

It’s that easy and you won’t regret it.


There is no battle system in this game. You cannot command troops or make any changes once the battle begins. You can only observe the battle unfold and you cannot speed it up or skip it – unless you pay for it. This is a big no-no to me.


Balanced gameplay is only possible when you are willing to pay.

The first few days are enjoyable and fun. There are some great tutorials that will keep you interested. Things quickly fall apart after the honeymoon period. It is extremely slow and unbalanced. You can only upgrade one building at once, and it can take hours or even days to do so. It is simply impossible to win PVP battles against paid players.

Paid players can have a reduced construction time, increase production time, and receive a rare item every day. They can also spend gems to instantly complete character constructions and training. I don’t know why certain people claim Hustle Castle to be a balanced game. It’s a clearly tilted, pay-to-win video game. They might be paid to review the game or to win it.


The game uses a cartoonish style of art, which I don’t like. It isn’t terrible, but it is something I don’t like. It’s decently good and has no WOW factor. This is all I have to say.


Hustle Castle’s soundtracks are mediocre. This one doesn’t have any high-quality soundtracks, and it only has the “average Joe” BGM. It has music and sound that works, not something terrible.

The verdict

Hustle Castle is a pay-to-win, obvious game where players are forced to pay. It lacks creativity, strategy and a combat system. Paying is the only way to win. This one lacks shine. If there is, it would be the shine of money.

Spend your money on more worthwhile games than this one. If you want a similar game that is balanced, go play Fallout Shelter instead – It is free, it does not shove ads in your face, and free players can win.


  • It was quite entertaining in the initial days.
  • Good graphics.


  • Advertisements, win to win
  • No combat system, lacks true strategy.
  • Slow progress in gameplay

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