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Next week’s Epic Games Store title is Europa Universalis 4. Only for a short period of time! Epic Games’ campaign to win more users continues: they keep giving out games for free each week. You can enable up to two games on your computer platform in some cases.

The Epic Games Store announced that Europa Universalis IV would be free to download starting Thursday, 30 September up until October the 7th. After that date, to be able to get the game you will have to pay its nominal price. The game will be available in your account forever after you download it for free though. This is the way to debut this popular strategy game title in the Epic Games Store (the game has been available only on Steam so far).

What is Europa Universalis 4

Paradox Development Studio Europa Universalis 4 is the fourth installment of the award-winning Europa Universalis series. The player is assigned the task of building an empire. He will be given control over a nation that will guide it for many years as it seeks to create a sovereign world empire. Your nation will be ruled for many centuries with unprecedented freedom, depth, and historical accuracy. This game has rich strategic and tactical depth and will allow you to explore, trade, war, and diplomacy.

Europa Universalis IV allows players to control a developing country and make it a global power. Through exploration, trade, war, and diplomacy, nations are sustained over the centuries.

The fourth installment introduces a new system, the Monarch Power. This stat will affect players’ choices and regulate the game’s flow. Over the hundreds of years of gameplay, the landscape will change with seasonal effects. To inform the world’s evolution, the game uses historically accurate behaviors. Players will be able to choose how to react to these events.

There are many addon DLC packs available for Europa Universalis IV, which you can purchase to modify player’s experience. Immersion packs provide details about important world events and factions while content packs offer new opportunities for countries to cultivate.

This is the Epic Stores Europa Universalis 4 page.

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