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Hero Wars Review.

Hero Wars is a fantasy adventure video game that you can play as a browser game and also via Android, iOS, Windows OS via Facebook Gameroom, and Browser. Hero Wars is completely free to play. You can also purchase items using cash from the store. The game is available as a browser game but also for download on Facebook Gameroom, iTunes, and Google Play. Read the Hero Wars review and judge by yourself!

Hero Wars Gameplay

Hero Wars is a similar game with the mobile version of LoA II. If you have experienced LoA series before, you can also play this game. Hero Wars offers many great features. You can equip your heroes and boost their stats using the gold you earn from the quests. The game has three currencies. These currency include friendship chips (a heart-shaped item), golds, and diamonds. Diamonds can be purchased with real money as a paid currency. With tasks, you can also earn gold. Also, you can get diamonds by completing tasks. Achievement rewards will also be available.

These are sections that you should be paying attention to.


You can get quests by clicking the Quests button. It will also give you great rewards. You should track all of your quests using this button. This section will help you progress. Once you have completed the quests, you’ll receive many rewards. It will also redirect you to important missions you may need.

Commercial aspect

There are two types of shops at the merchant. Town shop is one type. Here you can buy elixirs as well as basic equipment for heroes to use. These elixirs are available in gold. Only diamonds can give you energy. Friendship shop is another shop. Here you can buy friendship chips to purchase items. Friendship chips are available from your friends.


The campaign is where you can level up your heroes or do quests. A map will appear under the campaign. Complete the missions and enter the quests. You’ll receive many rewards.

The Arenas

The arena is where you can compete against other players in PvP. When you reach level 10, this feature will be available to you. As you climb up the ranks, you’ll receive coins and diamonds. Grand Arena is another place where you can engage in PvP. There are many rewards associated with this area. Level 50 can be attained when you are ready.

Why play Hero Wars game

  • Hero Wars is an absolutely free game.
  • It is enjoyable to play, and the developers are very supportive.
  • By completing tasks, you can earn diamonds in the game.

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One comment

  1. CrosswalkX says:

    Hero Wars is an expensive ripoff microtransaction scam.

    To Browser Games Directory. I have played Hero Wars for many months and I’m still stuck in the middle of the campaign. I want to get to campaign 15 but the enemies are too tough and it’s getting too expensive to upgrade my favorite units. I don’t like fighting in the Arena and Grand Arena since they give me team rivals that are too powerful to defeat and I get creamed too easily.

    This game feels like Final Fantasy 8 which I don’t like. It’s taking forever to upgrade my units and it’s too expensive to keep buying the emeralds and it’s too hard to get emeralds, I never get enough gold coins and artifact coins. This game is too tedious and boring, there’s no real story.

    I’d much rather buy Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 from PC steam and get my money’s worth.
    This game is too much like gambling. There needs to be a law against microtransaction scams and have the government make video game companies like EA games, Nexters set spending restrictions. Because microtransactions is making people go bankrupt and go into debt.

    I’m very disappointed in Nexter, I do like the character artwork. There’s not much music which is disappointing. If Nexter is reading this comment. Please stop ripping off your customer. Please at least allow us to get level ups and not rip us off in the process. Otherwise I hope this game gets taken down.

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