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Grepolis review

Grepolis is a free to play browser based MMO that has been around for a couple of years now, with players tasked with forging alliances, building cities, fighting wars and taking control of as much land as possible

The game is heavily dependent on alliances as you have to work to control a whole map. There are many islands located on the map with each of them having space for twenty cities, so the idea is for those spaces to be occupied only by your alliance so that you have full control over the island.

Whilst this may all sound pretty easy, it will actually take around two years for the end game to be reached. This obviously depends on how many players in the alliance and how many cities that are built but you can see that this game takes time and effort.



It also takes money and a lot of it if you want to speed up the process. The top players spend around $80 a month on the game. So while the game is advertised as free and it can be played as free, those that pay money will obviously have some massive advantages.

These advantages include being able to add bonuses to both their attack and defense, build structures and military far quicker and get increased resources.

You should also be aware that this game never sleeps and there is no way to hide your armies or cities. This means that even when you are offline you are able to be attacked, making it a nerve racking experience every time you log in.


To combat this they have conveniently brought out an app that lets you play the game from a mobile device. This app will instantly let you know if anything is happening but this is only for those that do not mind being awoken in the late hours of the night. Those of you with jobs and/or families may want to stay away for this reason.

What really lets this game down is the poor graphics and the even poorer chat box or lack of it. The only way you can communicate with people is through an instant messaging system. The loyal fans do not mind the poor graphics as it’s the game play that attracts them but the lack of communications leads them to use outside methods of keeping in touch with each other.


They have tried to make up for the poor global chat system by having a rather good forum presence which is where many players do manage to discuss alliance plans and whatnot.

With that all being said, this game will only appeal to hardcore lovers of this genre and those that do not mind putting their money where their mouth is. For everyone else it may seem like a real grind and highly irritating getting destroyed by money laden alliances on a daily basis.


Is Grepolis totally free to play?

Like many free to play browser games, free players will struggle. It is understandable that games need to make money but there needs to be a bit more of a level playing ground for those that do not wish to plough money into the game.

It is very expensive when you consider the products graphics and poor chat feature. There are better games out there but if this is your cup of tea then you should consider trying it out.

grepolis  grepolis.

Pros of Grepolis


  • Free To Play
  • Large Community
  • Easy To Use Forums


Cons of Grepolis


  • Low End Graphics
  • Need To Pay Money To Be Competitive
  • Chat Interface From The Stone Ages


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