Grepolis Halloween Event

grepolis Halloween Event
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It’s Halloween time in Grepolis! From 27.10.2014 to 10.11.2014 the players can prove themselves as great alchemists and earn screaming rewards by mixing the weirdest potions.

While performing everyday activities like constructing buildings, researching technologies or fighting battles the players can now find special ingredients like quicksilver, Cerberus teeth or Pegasus feathers. Three of the collected ingredients form different rewards in the magic cauldron – depending on the composition.

These have effects such as increasing the production of certain resources for a certain time, additional units for the city or a lasting increase in population.

If the player manage to prepare a certain number of recipes in the caldron during the event, he will also receive the exclusive hero “Democritus”.

In addition, players can look forward to a special surprise on 31.10.2014 – Check it out!

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