Google Chrome 94 provides improvements to Browser Games

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Chrome 94 is now available for Android, iOS and Mac. While not all of its features are being well received, it contains a promising update regarding browser games.

More specifically , some big tech companies have raised privacy concerns about the new Idle Detection API, which detects user inactivity. It notifies web applications when users are inactive. This is done by activating a screensaver, moving to another screen, and recognizing a lack of keyboard use.

Chrome 94 also features HTTPS First Mode. This feature was originally intended for Chrome 92. This will ensure that all page loads are upgraded automatically from HTTP to HTTPS whenever possible. If it isn’t, a full-screen warning will be displayed before the older HTTP standard can be loaded.

However, the potentially important thing for browser gamers comes from the new WebGPU API. It should improve in-browser gaming by using modern graphics capabilities, particularly Direct3D 12, Metal and Vulkan.

There is also a sharing menu on the desktop that is currently behind a Chrome flag and filled with sharing shortcuts. Android tablets can now host desktop websites. There are many other changes and bug fixes.

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