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The Oktoberfest will not be held in its physical form this year (as was also the case last year). However, that doesn’t mean it has been canceled completely. The boozy Gaudi began in the Goodgame Big Farm building game on Friday. Once you reach level 6, you are eligible to participate. You have until October 10th in order to complete the partying tasks and win prizes. Read more about the Goodgame BigFarm Octoberfest event below.

You will now find a marquee where you can provide food and beverages for the visitors. You will also find smaller tents around this marquee where you can make different products, such as popcorn, pretzels, salad, fish stew, and salad to meet the needs of the guests. But, be careful! You may find that some of your coworkers are tired from this type of work. You can reward your co-workers for waking up one or two servants who are sleeping on Goodgame Big Farm.

Your rank and subsequent rewards depend on how successful your efforts are. You can also find stylish Oktoberfest decorations in the Goodgame Big Farm Shop. Every player who logs in during the event period will receive a free Oktoberfest table.

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