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A quiet stretch of coast, fertile land, a forest and a bunch of bold settlers – this is your new homeland. Your enterprises will develop into sophisticated workshops if you put the area’s resources to use wisely. Can your merchant ships deliver what your growing population needs ? Join the new Ikariam Server “Asklepios” (ancient Greek doctor from Trikala).


Delve into the ancient world. Beautifully drawn animations bring your towns to life on the new servers. Test your mettle:

      • Economy:
        Build merchant ships, utilise resources and make your settlement grow.
      • Military:
        Train soldiers to protect your town from attack by plunderers.
      • Diplomacy:
        Band together with other settlements and forge an alliance.
      • Research:
        Discover new technologies and enjoy the fruits of progress.
      • Growth:
        Govern your towns wisely and make your citizens happy.
      • Opponents:
        Compete with other players!

Earn a place for your people among the civilisations of the ancient world!

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