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GeoArena Online is a free multiplayer browser game where players control ships in fast-paced last-man-standing style 1v1 battles. Match up against other players, bots, or your friends. Earn GeoCrystals to climb division ranks from the humble Bronze to the mighty Grandmaster!

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Getting started is very simply: just pick a ship, select a weapon, choose a skill, and jump into a game! As of 6/24/16, there are 5 ships available, 6 weapons available, and 5 skills available (many more to come):

– Circle
– Square
– Star
– X
– Spikeball

– Rapid Blaster
– Cannon Blaster
– Feral Blaster
– Infernal Cannon
– Tri Blaster
– Quad Cannon

– Meditate
– Vengeance
– Focus
– Guard
– Rage

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When the game starts, the 2 players are put into a closed arena with movable obstacles and randomly spawning neutral enemies that will attack anyone. Players can gain experience and level up by destroying neutrals. Upon leveling up, players are presented with a choice of 3 possible upgrades.

GeoArena Online is still growing quickly, and new game content is being pushed every day! Play now and test yourself in the arena!


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