Forge of Empires: The Baking in Autumn event

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Today is the start of the autumn event in Forge Of Empires. Here you will be asked to bake again.

Forge of Empires Fall 2021 Event

This week, autumn begins in Forge of Empires. Today is the start of the corresponding event. As in previous years, there are many baked goods available. The event will run through 13 October 2021.

Before events take place, they are thoroughly tested on the InnoGames beta server. We already have some information about the autumn event.

The event is basically the same as last year but with new rewards. It’s a huge baking contest. You will be awarded stars and a reward for every good-looking baked product you create. You will earn stars for every baked good you make. The more stars you have, the closer you are to the main prize. Only a small percentage of players can remain in a league. You can get into the gold league but your performance will deteriorate and you will be removed.

The more expensive a baked product is, the more stars it gets.

Ingredients are necessary for baking in Forge Of Empires. This can be earned by completing quests within the event. You can choose from two mission chains. You will receive a new task each day once you have completed both. There are 75 different quests to choose from. Additional sources of ingredients include daily challenges, special quests, and incidents in your area.

Golden Crops building is the best reward at the Fall Event. Upgrade kits are available to raise it up to level 9. These are also great prizes. It gives you happiness and population by default. Upgrades add coins, forge point, and other useful things.

You may find all the technical details for the event on this great wiki page.

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