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FootballTeam is a browser game focused on Football management and has MMORPG elements in its gameplay. Nowadays the game has servers located in Latin America, Brazil, Russia and Poland, that is the place where it all started in October 2009.

The gameplay is simple and intuitive: just log in, create a footballer (you can customize your face, hair and your position on the pitch), and start to make your path to be the greatest player in the world. You can train each skill to improve your general rating and join a great team to fight for the championships. You can also create your own team and manage it to the glory.

The matches are where things happen. As a manager, you can set your tactics and chose your line up to each game that is played by the engine that simulates the actions of the match based on the skills, ratings and formations, just like other popular manager games.

FootballTeam Game has everything to be one of the best Football Manager games on the market because it is a game for the real football lovers!

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