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Fiesta Online Review

Fiesta Online, a 3D anime-style MMORPG, is free to play. It features simple gameplay, cell-shaded graphics and regular updates. Read the Fiesta Online review below and play for free!

It combines the familiarity of online role-playing games with easy-to-understand controls, making it both suitable for novice and advanced players. Players explore a carefully crafted fantasy world with their friends and solve epic kingdom quests.

After going through the character customization, you will need to choose the clan of your player from the four classes Fighter, Cleric Mage, Archer or Mage. The next step is to select the gender for your character.

One thing that you do not find in any other free MMORPG is the friendship system. You will gain experience if you support your friend in defeating their enemy. The enemy will also be defeated easily.


On the other hand, Fiesta Online offers Guild Support, Crafting, Trading System, Housing System and Pet System. It also has a Marriage System. This game has so much to offer.

Key Features

  • Anime MMO –Traditional MMORPG gameplay enhanced with anime-inspired, cel-shaded visuals
  • Class Variety –You can play as any of the six classes available (Fighter/Cleric, Archer/Mage, Trickster or Crusader), with job advancements at levels 20 and 60.
  • Capacity at the Highest Level –Level cap of 115+ with endless hours of content. To customize your character’s development, you can gain stat and skill points each level.
  • Social FeaturesFind love in Fiesta Online using the game’s marriage program. Are you looking for something more? For a more enjoyable early experience, Master & Apprentice connects veterans with newbies.


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