If you like the idea of becoming a humble farmer, spending your time growing crops, feeding animals and selling your resources, the Farmerama might just be what you are looking for. It is a free to play MMORPG that puts you in control of a simple farm that you have to try and expand and level up.

On your farm you will be able to construct buildings such as water towers, barns and storage units whilst you will also be able to plant trees and plants, bring up animals and add decorations.


The whole idea is to satisfy the needs of your customers. You will only have a few of them to start but over time your reputation will grow and you will see a sharp increase in the amount of orders that you receive.


You will start with crops but eventually move onto animals once you have built a shelter for them. You will also have to provide them with food to eat which can be produced in a mill. Keep in mind that each type of animal will eat a different type of food. These foods can be created by mixing together two or more plant types from your farm.


Your animals will also need water from the water mill. Without feeding and watering your animals correctly they are never going to be able to produce the eggs and manure that you need. The manure helps your plants to grow whilst the eggs can be sold at market for money.


The market is also a great place for you to purchase stuff as well as selling your goods. You can pick up new seeds there, new homes for your animals and plenty of decorative items.


As with any free to play game there are benefits for those that sign up for a premium account. A premium account will allow players to construct lookout towers that can protect their farm, will reduce the amount of time that resources take to become available and will ralso reduce the amount of time it takes to construct buildings. It will also provide players with extra orders from customers and the ability to store far ore manure than a free to play player.


Whilst these are big advantages, there is not really too much interaction between players in the game. The game is primarily played as a one player, though there is of course competition to see who can build the most productive farm in the game. The game is a long grind as is the case with many in this niche and this is all sped up for those that are happy to spend a few dollars on the game.


The graphics of the game are okay considering it is aimed at allowing people with low end PC’s the chance to play and the gameplay can be addictive. It is also an easy game to learn with a tutorial at the start and the fact that everyone would have played a game of this type at one point or another already.


The downsides are that it is not really too different from the many other farming games on the market. You feel like you have done it all before and would have liked something a little different to have been implemented into the game.

farmerama farmerama

Pros of Farmerama


  • Easy To Play
  • Decent Graphics
  • Plenty To Keep You Busy


Cons of Farmerama


  • Nothing New
  • Long Grind
  • No Premium Account Punishes Players Too Hard


Very Good Farming Game

Easy to Learn - 89%
Graphics - 88%
Premium Advantages - 70%


Very Good

An easy game to learn with a tutorial at the start

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