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Enlisted Game Review

Free First Person Shooter games are available everywhere you look. Valorant, Warzone, Planetside, and many others are all available for free. FPS games with historical settings (specifically World War II) are often distinguished. Heroes & Generals is an FPS game but it stands out amongst the other shooters that were set during World War II. This military game is distinguished by its sharp elitism. It’s easy to play and has a good learning curve. Enlisted lets you control all aspects of the army, like infantry, tanks, ships and also the air force.

Enlisted was created by Gaijin out of nowhere, and it received a strong advertisement campaign. Squads is a new mode that allows players to be accompanied by their own teams, all manned by AI. Does he succeed in making a big change or will this just be another game that disappears in mediocrity, obscurity?

Squads mode

Enlisted first mentioned that Squads Mode is a popular mode. Players can’t avoid this mode until they play enough training to unlock the simpler mode, which allows players to play against one another. But what is Squads Mode? It is not as successful as the other options. It’s indifferent, and it exists only to kill campers as well as all sorts of bad players. A match with 20 kills is common. AI does not have any special skills and can run back and forth between matches without being covered. One might say this isn’t a very bad thing. It wouldn’t be if the players had infinite replays. But, because AI doesn’t have the ability to think well enough to think and shoot, even to distract, players cannot lose.

AI can either be an ally or an enemy, but this also creates challenges. There will be no opposition to your fire or resistance if the AI is positioned at a particular spot. However, if you are attacked by another player, your friendly Squad AI will not move and will not attempt to kill him.

Another problem is that AI makes it difficult to control vehicles and air force planes. I was unable to fly an airplane in the game. This is because tanks are much smaller than planes. The player must navigate and be alert for his opponent, all while driving from a narrow hole.


Enlisted Issues

Enlisted has a problematic part. We now have to deal with matchmaking. As one would expect for a World War II-themed military game, there are two choices: Axis or Allies. Most players pick Axis. The game is open to matchmaking and allows for free team selection so you are always in the Allies. However, the Allied side will always be lacking in personnel and players with limited knowledge of how to play the game, which makes it unfair. 

Correct or incorrect depends on which map you choose and how you guard your positions. We have one map, the Russia Campaign, with many maps. These maps are more difficult than others because these large levels are made up of small villages. The Normandy Landing campaign is the other. There are two options. One, the Axis army can have home advantage on some maps. Two, the Allies can go to the beaches and see German machine guns and forts. These they reap with machine weapons and larger guns.

Since the game is very new, it’s not common to have players with planes. It’s also difficult to find the resources to unlock tanks. If such an event does occur, it is certain to cause panic on the battlefield.

These problems can be overcome, but Enlisted still has problems with its environment and the way it interacts with it. The character often finds it difficult to understand the basic requirements of the concept of vertical surfaces. Particularly, I’ve had difficulty climbing onto surfaces or covering my weapon. This can be a problem with the game’s build and will be fixed in a later patch.

Besides all of these issues, there is another problem that cannot be fixed by any patch. It is the Pay to Win policy of the game. The only way to make money is by being enlisted. It does not make sense to the avg civilian. Instead, it has 2 of 4 paid campaigns. Someone willing to give money will be able to access better weapons and vehicles faster, which will allow it to take a more direct route in the game.

Enlisted trailer

Enlisted trailer

Is Elisted a good game?

It is difficult to understand the logic of this military game after seven paragraphs of negative elements. However, the environment and sound design create a great atmosphere that transports the player to battle.

Would I recommend Enlisted to an average player? It is hard. It doesn’t offer any positive elements that other free-to-play war games of World War II don’t have. The game’s most important feature, Squads, is ultimately the game’s greatest drawback. The average user will likely enjoy it and play some matches. But nothing extraordinary.


  • It has correct basic information about historical battles
  • You can handle any army department without much experience


  • Support for advanced controls is poor
  • It’s most basic feature, squads makes for its biggest drawback

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