Elvenar Event: Orcs and Goblins are coming to Elvenar! (video)

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The third add-on of  Elvenar is live on all markets from 20th July on!

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Have you heard? Orcs and Goblins wish to visit your city – and of course they are bringing gifts in the form of many new technologies and buildings. Granted, their taste might be an acquired one …

Without a doubt, Orcs are not the sharpest tools in the shed, so you’d be better served by keeping an eye on the Goblins – as master alchemists, they have plans of their own …

Where there’s an Orc, a Goblin won’t be far – they are nigh inseparable! Of course, that’s not a good enough reason for them to stop their quarreling and causing a number of changes to your city in the process.

You can expect some interesting times ahead!

Get an overview of the new buildings, goods and all the exciting challenges that await your city with Orcs and Goblins.

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