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Drakensang review

Drakensang Online by Bigpoint Games is a browser based MMORPG that has been molded a little on the PC game called “The Dark Eye”. It is set in a fantastical medieval land that has been overcome by evil and it is up to the players to forge a path towards becoming a hero.

This path entails taking on hordes of monsters, taking on quests and challenges either alone or with the help of your friends. Each player has the option to become a Dragonknight and afflict punishment through the sword or to use the power of magic as a Spellweaver to progress through the game.

As well as teaming up to help each other out, players can also take each other on in PvP battles in arenas scattered all over the map.

drakensang online
drakensang online

When you first start out you will find that there are a number of lengthy quests for you to complete. These quests are usually completed by taking on a number of missions that are given out by the games many NPC’s.

Most of these will generally involve located certain items, slaying evil beasts or being a messenger.

The combat side of the game is very hack and slash orientated but you will quickly find that it can be a real challenge. You will be ambushed on regular occasions by as little as 30 monsters and as many as 100 at a time.

drakensang online
drakensang online

Whilst this can be fun in the beginning it can get a little bit repetitive to be constantly fighting off endless amounts of creatures.

Completing quests will obviously award players with experience which can be used to level up their chosen skills and spells. Whilst this is a fairly normal process of a game of this type, it does actually disappoint as there are not as many skills to upgrade as you would like. The upgrades are also just an extension of what they were before so there is very little on offer as to something new.

drakensang online
drakensang online

Is Drakensang free to play?

Players also collect in game currency for completing quests or by looting which allows them to purchase new items and potions. There is a wide range of weapons and staffs to be had but the best are reserved for those that spend real money on the game. By putting money into it there is a large selection of benefits you can have from gaining more experience from completed quests, being able to purchase more ‘andermant’ (which is the currency for paying for fast travel and special items) and just making the game move along a lot quicker rather than having to grind.

drakensang online
drakensang online

Pros of Drakensang Online

The graphics really do stand out when you first immerse yourself into the game and you will quickly discover that there is plenty to keep you busy.

PvP is fun and there are many other game modes that you can try out too.


  • Good Quality Graphics
  • Lots Of Quests To Keep You Busy
  • A Number Of Game Modes To Explore


drakensang online
drakensang online

Cons of Drakensang Online

This type of game has been done to death so it is difficult to see what it offers that is much different from the rest of the games in this genre. There is plenty of action with regards to battles but this can become very repetitive after a while.

It is free but as expected will take a long time to progress through grinding unless you decide to put some money into it. The skill progression part of the game could be better too, with more skills and more variety.


  • Takes A Lot Of Grinding To Be Successful
  • Can Get A Little Repetitive
  • Skill Progression Is A Little Limited


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