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Darkmoon Realm Review

Darkmoon Realm is a unique hunting experience. You are summoned to a world of fantasy and wonder, full of endless challenges, massive boss fights, Arena combat, and Dungeon challenge. Hunt demons, gain loots, increase your rank and save the land. Read the thorough Darkmoon Realm review below.

Darkmoon Realm, a browser-based role-playing game, has a very easy and fully automated gameplay. Your character will reach the 60th level within the first hour of gameplay. This will allow you to access many dungeons that can be used for raids or PvP.

Darkmoon Realm will offer you endless challenges. Hunt demons, gather loot, rise in rank, and save the world from chaos. The world is full of challenges and great battles with bosses. There are also duels in the arena. You can either lead the guild or play solo. Each adventure in Darkmoon Realm is unique.

Everyday action

Every day, hundreds of players from all over the globe visit Darkmoon Realm. You can join the multiplayer or cooperative mode to fight powerful opponents and for territory.

Even if you’re not playing, your character and allies will support you. All the experience and resources you have in the inventory are available when you get back into the game. All equipment, skills, and power can be automatically upgraded.

In the Darkmoon Realm, you can personalize your character in many different ways. You can choose from one of three game classes. Choose equipment, wings or costumes. Also, select a title and partner. To unlock more powerful armour sets, improve and enchant your equipment. Your equipment not only improves the attack and defense power, but also enhances the appearance of your hero.

Classes in Darkmoon Realm

You will need to select one of the three classes in order to start playing: warrior, magician, or priest. You can choose a username and you cannot customize your character in any other way than that but you can’t choose the gender of your hero in this game. The game grants you a VIP3 status for the first hour. This status is limited in time. This status allows for the development of your character.

You can select your partners in the Darkmoon Realm. Each partner has their own unique traits, skills and attacks. You can also modify their appearance and develop them. As you earn more achievements, your partner will be the first. However, as you progress, more slots are available. You can upgrade your quality partner to a variety of other partners if you have the materials.

This game offers thousands of unique items that you can create, in addition to your friends. After 4-5 hours of gameplay, some of the development functions are available. It is important to upgrade your equipment often. You can create armor right away, and you can remove unnecessary items to make new items.

Boss Battles and arena

The game features boss battles and an arena. There are also many dungeons that can be visited multiple times. These dungeons can be explored to obtain materials for character improvement, equipment improvement, and skill development. The Darkmoon Realm also has a system for guilds that opens at 61 levels. Joining the guild is a good idea as you’ll have access to many upgrades for your team and hero.

The PvP arena is opened in the middle of the game as soon as your character has gained enough strength. You can access the arena mode at the beginning of the game, where you will battle AI. You can also fight other players and increase your reputation with the Rating Ladder.

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