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CRSED: FOAD Game Review.

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow software have updated Cuisine Royale, the online shooter  to a brand new version, CRSED FOAD. Two new Champions are available to players – a Haitian voodoo practitioner and a Korean child of nature. They also get a massive new map called “Island of Siberia”, as well as a revamped progression system and equipment system. This update adds a lot more content and features like motorboats, firing from moving vehicles, flamethrowers, and mortars.

These changes are so many that The game’s title will change and it will now be called CRSED: F.O.A.D.This is what it stands for Cuisine Royale 2nd Edition: Fulfillment Of All Desires. F.O.A.D. is the name of the tournament in which the characters are fighting (though some Champions interpret this acronym differently).

It is available for PC and PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox One. S versions are ready and will be released in the coming days, right after getting platform holders approval. This will allow for the release of native PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Gaijin Entertainment has released the third next-gen title, while the first two, War Thunder and Enlisted, are available for players. Ray Traced Global Illumination technology is used in all games. It allows for natural-looking lighting and works at 4K@60FPS with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and at 1440p@60FPS with Xbox Series S.

It was also released at Epic Games Store, and it became the first of their developers game to be sold there. This will allow PC gamers to choose from more platforms to participate in the Battles

What’s new

The metagame has seen a significant change since its time as Cuisine Royale. Players can now try all Champions before deciding which one to focus on. The clothing pieces are no longer used to create special character effects. They can be equipped separately. This allows players to personalize their characters’ appearances without sacrificing battle efficiency. The game now offers two new types of mystical abilities: craftable hex bags and equippable cooldown-based abilities. Zombies-summoning grenades. The new battle pass system gives players the ability to obtain cosmetic items, hex bags recipes, mystical scrolls and rituals as well as other rewards such as summoning stones, mystical scrolls, mystical and unique traps, and more by completing the tasks.

These summoning stones can now be used to unlock characters, which include five of the existing characters.

Two new characters in CRSED FOAD

Louis “Bokor” Celine was born in Haiti, to a family full of police detectives. He discovered as a child that he was meant to be a houngan, a practitioner of voodoo magical arts. Louis is a fighter in and fights to repay his Loa spirits debt that saved his mother from being robbed. He can summon assault rifle-wielding zombies to follow him and attack his enemies.

It is not known where Sin Yeou-bi Yeou-bi came from. As a child, she was adopted and named after a popular Korean cartoon character about a shapeshifting Fox. She was a shy girl as a child and was not good at communicating with other children. Fireflies followed her around when she walked, and she was often stung and bitten by wasps and honey bees. She is so grateful for her friends that she is willing to join. To save them, ring the ring. Yeou-bi can summon a swarm fireflies that spread across the area to search for enemies and reveal them.

The maps

The map “Island of Siberia”, which is available in rotation with the maps “Mexico”, Summer Normandy, and Winter Normandy), covers 16 kilometers of varied landscape that can be explored over several weeks while still discovering new places. This is the location of an ancient settlement that was carved into the rock. A fishermen’s settlement is located nearby, which is half submerged in water. You can also see a geyser field, active fire-breathing volcano and a geyser field. You will also find some very powerful USSR heritage warmachines: large hangars and concrete pillboxes as well as secret underground tunnels that lead to an abandoned missile silo at an old military base. There are also the infamous Siblag labor camps. The “Island of Siberia”, which is also filled with waterways, can be explored by motorboats even if you have not cast the Flood ritual.

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